Last Elf, Piotr Fox Wysocki (3D)


Title: Last Elf
Name: Piotr Fox Wysocki
Country: Poland
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

I decided to do something crazy :slight_smile:
Namely, check how much simple workstation can handle :slight_smile:
The idea was to create exact models just like in a real life.
That means np displacement, just pure grometry.
And it was a modelling experiment, to see if it’s worth to suffer so

I realized it would be too simple to create a character :).
So I asked my wife, Marta Wysocka, to make an amazing helmet based
on LOTR movie.

While she was working on it, I was working on clothes.
And there was something missing in the fabric.
When I saw her helmet I had to do something like she was doing.
So I did the brooch. And it was a really small object compared to
her helmet. After that I have hudge respect for her :slight_smile:

Anyway, finally we finished our family project :slight_smile:
In the making of this character I used maya and after zbrush for
details of mouth and around the eyes.
Textures in photoshop.
To create cloth I used maya cloth, and maya fur. As far as I
remember there were 1 300 000 small hair in the fabric.
Also tiny hair on the face, but I don’t remember right now how much.
Long story short, I tried to do everything exactly as it is in the
real life.

It’s up to you to decide if we’ve reached our goal.

One thing is for sure - I can’t do that better :slight_smile:
If tou want to see some details here you have links:



It may be hard to see anything, but its a wireframe :slight_smile:
smoothed once, as it was for rendering.


Ok mate, quite frankly the modeling, texturung, lighting & render is superb, truly a work of art!:arteest:

Congratulations 5 stars from me:applause:


very nice work, also real great job on the metal parts!


the modeling on the helm is awesome:)
the skin texture and shader is great. great job:thumbsup:


of course 5 stars for me!

please you show more perspektive and wireframes, big thx to you.



very clean work



yea, great work. Only crit would be…is it a male or female? I mean regardless, amazing modeling, trexturing, lighting…its INCREDIBLE! Good work


3 words: A-MA-ZING!

The idea of using fur for clothes… it’s the greatest idea ever. It looks very convincing.

And congratulations to your wife for the helmet. It couldn’t look any better(and couldn’t be more detailed… ;)).


Fantastic,all shaders perfect:buttrock:



Don’t know about you guys but, sniff sniff, I smell front page + choice gallery


Wow…easily front page material and certainly CG Award/Choice worthy…excellent job!


Everything about it is impressive - modeling, texturing and lighting.
A 5 headbangers salute for you!


Excelent piece!
It makes is more special to know it was made by a couple.
There are not a lot of pieces make in that way here.
I liked the helmet, but to see it with a character is much better.

I really like the balance of colors achieved.
The softness and harmony between them is calming and with personality.
All is great!

Her face reminds me of Sigourney Weaver, specially the lower jaw.
Her eyes are however milder.

Opportunity : Shadows

The only thing I see a bit off are the shadows, there are inconsistent.
I would expect the same type of shadow that exists at the neck also between the helmet and eyebrow. The ones falling at the eyebrows and most hidden areas above the eyes are ligther than they should. It also jumps to my eye the shadow casted by the helmet on her right cheek. It is sharper than the others. You have then 3 types of shadows, and I guess she whould be at a forest, where shadows would be similar even with bouncing.


hoho…one word for me. " Real"~!
the rendering n shader is perfect. mentalray rock~!


The edges around the nose seem just a teeny bit too hard, but other than that this is fairly flawless! Very impressive shader and lighting work!


Excellent work!:scream:


i’m mm i’mmm mm , i,m speachless , this is awesome team work.


:applause: excellent work 5 stars


Simply incredible.


When I saw the first image, I was thought of writing something like:“This is great, but why trying to fool us with a real picture?”. But after scrolling down a little bit I saw the the untextured version, so my idea kinda lost it’s point.

Now for real man, this is amazing work! Incredible modelling, great textures and fantastic lighting.

Only one crit: the skin around the mouth seems to as if it is a little too smooth.

5 stars from me. Great job :thumbsup: