Las Colinas Live! - citywide pre-viz animation from Latimundo



[color=white][font=Verdana]My team recently finished a pre-visualization animation for a new architectural project in Irving Texas. The project is called “Las Colinas Live!” We have been working for this client for over a year and half and our NDA was loosed enough for us to showcase the artwork freely. The animation is city wide. This particular animation was completed in less than 6 months including rendering. We have a very large render farm. (CINEBENCH v10 score of approximately 1.1 million.)[/font][/color]

[color=white][font=Verdana]Please view the final animation here:[/font][/color]
[font=Verdana][color=white] [/font][/color]

Edit: To download:

[color=white][font=Verdana]Latimundo is a full service production facility in Dallas, TX. Our projects range from cinematic features to a variety of VFX solutions. [/font][/color]

[color=white][font=Verdana]Thanks for your time,[/font][/color]
[font=Verdana]Mark S. Alameel[/font]


Very impressive. It’s tough to pull off a single camera move with no cutting, but this works nicely.

What program did you render this with? Also, what was your method for placing all the people, it wasn’t all by hand was it?


Thank you for the compliment!

The camera move was a very difficult animation and was debated for quite some time. I am happy with the final path, even though we wanted to tweak a few more things. We did believe that a single camera move would be more impressive and that did add more work, but gave us the scope that we wanted so we could show huge sweeps across the project.

As far as rendering, we used the native render software in Cinema4D which was very flexible to our needs. It was the backbone of our pipeline, but many programs where used including Max and Ligtwave.

The crowds were a very daunting task because, yes, it was done by hand. It was the only way to get the crowds to look natural without getting into simulations which then would have added another phase to the project. Considering our intended use, this was the best option. Of course, the concert animation at the end is another story, but I have to keep a few secrets…



Sounds like a lot of work, but it payed off. You should try posting this over at I think you would get more responses there.


For those that want to download the animation:

Its about 180 MBs.

I spent some time getting the compression to work faithfully to the original. It seems compressors tend to wash out the animation. This looks even better than what I am showing on my website, but that is only 30MBs.

Also, I highly recommend a download manager. I am getting about 1200KB/s using one.


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