Larry Shultz's Professional Character Courseware : Feedback from a satisfied student!


Originally posted by Monty
[B]Larry, how long does a typical student take to finish one course? Is there such a thing as a recommended timeline and schedule?

Is there a DVD version of the materials?

Thanks. [/B]

A typical student? Ive had some blow thru it quickly and some who take their time due to family, job, illness etc.
Most show very significant improvment in a few weeks.
Some students like Kevin have done very well very quickly but choose to stay on the forums and assist others. :slight_smile:
I recommend that you take the time you need to get to the level you want. Theres no rush and if youre going to pay to learn you might as well take the time offered to you and learn. :slight_smile:
DVDs…yes theyre planned but theres still issues to sort out with those.


Okay thats good to know. Ill have a look at the forums and the course in your web site.

Im usually doubtful of CD based training ever since I got ripped off with some XSI training a while back, but good testimonials from users like what this thread is about is good for making decisions.


Originally posted by ronaldomiranda
[B]Hey Larry, Can I order it from Brazil???

I dont have Visa cards…

send me info to

thanx man! [/B]

Hey Ron,
Theres lots of ways to go about it. I dropped you an email explaining them. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Does that get around customs duty Dan? If so that sounds good…

With all the orders we’ve shipped from 3D Garage to Japan,
Australia, Germany, and lots to the UK, it seems so.

UPS actually told us to do that - to avoid hassles on the recipient’s end.



Hey Larry, I also just sent you a PM regarding other possible payments methods also.


Got it monty, thanks! :slight_smile:


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[B]There my fathers collection so I’ve had them for as long as I can remember.:cool:

P.S. Still trying to save enough money to have some spare for at least some of these CDs [/B]

Id love to know which ones you have. From what I hear theyre probably worth a lot. If you really want to take the course or parts drop me an email and lets see what we can do. :slight_smile:


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[B]I would also have to agree that it is a lot of money but it is worth every penny. I got a lot out of the series. Before I used the cd’s I had just switched from maya and was not getting as good in lightwave as fast as I would have liked. Larry’s courses got me up to speed real quick.

Tim [/B]

Tim the great thing for me is seeing the stuff you guys do with some of the things you learned on the course. Its extremely gratifying. The dinoadventures stuff looks awesome and I hope you guys sell a boatload!
One thing you guys should take a look at is hooking up with another one of your fellow students, Steve Axtell. Hes also taking the course and he does, among other things, puppets! His stuff is incredible. He does the puppets for VegeTales. You guys should check with him about figures/puppets based on your characters.
His site is


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Man, your review sounds more like an advertisement than a review. :wink: Glad to hear its good, I just can’t afford $800 right now. I’m in the process of looking for a new job. Maybe once I find a new job I can get them to buy it for me as “training”. :smiley:

Its not $800 and you can get each module separately with some free CDs. Email if you have questions. :slight_smile:


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…Steve Axtell. He does the puppets for VegeTales.

Gulp! Hope he hasn’t seen the Vegetales ‘parody’ we worked on! :slight_smile: (


Originally posted by SplineGod
Sorry about the noise in here. :slight_smile: I hope they dont close the thread. You expect professionals to behave professionally. Hopefully theyll just stop on their own.

Cor! This thread started out just as my personal review on Larry’s Character Courseware. I hate the idea of people killing MY thread by taking it off-topic. Didn’t expect people to take it to ‘other places’, but I’m glad the moderators have stepped in. :wink:

I do and have shipped lots to Australia and New Zealand. Most of my students in New Zealand seemed to be Kevins. :slight_smile:

BTW, Larry means a lot of kiwi’s called ‘Kevin’, and not my own personal collection of students! At the beginning, there were 3 kiwi’s signed up, all called ‘Kevin’!

But from me, the speed at which I built up the years of missing skills has infected my entire LW direction and put me back on track, and that makes me pretty ecstatic and excited!

That’s why you’ll find my postings on this so overly positive and probably a little too ‘infomercial’ sounding! :smiley:


Hey Kev,
See what happens when you dont lock the back door before you leave? :slight_smile: I think it turned out well. The moderators moderated and people get to read your review and do some comparing. :slight_smile:


Pete Duncan is also one of Kevins virtual Class mates.
Heres examples of where he started and how far hes come:

Heres an early Torso


Heres the basic Torso finished:

Heres some early Texturing…


Heres a newer example of Peters Character with clothing added.
Nice job! :slight_smile:


I have taken larry’s course as well and I learned a great deal.
I have no complaints at all. I have’nt been booted off his support forums yet either.
Im going thru the whole thing again from the beginning.
It’s alot ot learn and the great thing about this type of class is that you can do just that… go back and do the whole thing over and pick up on little things here and there that ya might have missed.
It’s a good thing.



Hope he hasn’t seen the Vegetales ‘parody’ we worked on!

sadly, I did. :frowning:

I want my bandwidth back!


Hey Jason!
Thanks. Get on their and start posting stuff again.
A couple of others have restarted after being sick or family problems. :slight_smile:


Hey Larry,

Just thought I’d throw my two cents worth against the wall and see who salutes.

I have a shelf full of books on LW and have used them with different results. Finally I just wanted to sit down and LEARN THIS STUFF. I sat down with Patrik Beck’s Lightwave 7.5 Primer and enjoyed that I was actually getting somewhere. Then I picked up another book and dove in. Around the time a certain head tutorial was kicking my behind I went to Lee Stranahan’s LW Tour and got a deal on Larry’s Intro course.

What a difference. I’ve tried video tapes, (the rewinding was driving me crazy) and like I mentioned, books, but Larry’s training CDs really got me going. His intro course starts with constructing a spaceship inspired by Dan Dare, an old space comic book. His tutorials walked me through modeling, texturing, and soon–animating.

There are many things I like about the course.
It’s scope is realistic. I built a ship. Not a fleet, or a ship as complex as the Eiffel Tower, but a ship I could actually complete and even add some personal touches to. I then got to texture the craft and that’s where the fun really began. I started seeing results quickly and felt like I was really contributing to the look of the ship myself. Larry shows you how to do something then leaves the particular details up to you. I’m sure no two ships come out looking exactly the same.

Larry’s class includes a forum where you post your work as you go. This allows him (or anybody else in the class) to give feedback. This makes the class interactive and the forums are also a great source of info because you can check out other people’s work habits and results. It also gives you the benefit of basically having a professional CG artist as technical director of your work.

Along with the CDs Larry provides additional assignments, downloads and overall encouragement.

There’re other classes available out there and they’re probably great too, but unlike my shelf of books, Larry’s courses might be the only ones I need to get to the skill level I want to be at and that would be so cool.


Hi Larry I know you probably had good intentions when this thread was started, but frankly it’s turned into too much “advertising” for my likings. Cgtalk sponsors do pay for their advertising, so I don’t think it’s fair what you’re doing here, know what I mean? So this thread will be closed.