Larry Schultz passing


Just saw this in the newsletter, very sad news. I’ve learned so much from Larry over the years. Truly will be missed.

My goodness I am so late hearing this. My apologies, I don’t wish to prolong misery but I cannot understate how much I learned from this guy. We spoke a few times online but I doubt he remembered who I am. That’s okay, I won’t forget you Spline God.


I also didn’t know he did…
so sorry to hear.


I remember he was having a lot of medical issues a few years ago, but I thought he had pulled through. This is the first I’ve heard of this, and I am really saddened about it.


A few years ago I was laid off from my job. I posted here about it and Larry called me up and we chatted for hours. A month later he introduced me to Rob Powers and that led me to my career in movies.

I have a lot to thank that man for.


Sorry to hear this. Was a great guy.


Yes, his Lightwave tutorials were invaluable - I have TONS - and he was very much one of the faces of Lightwave.

He will be VERY much missed!


Sad to hear this. Rest in Peace, Larry Schultz…


I began as a Lightwave user and Larry Schultz was one of the first people I remember hearing about. He helped me numerous times over the years, more times than I can remember, either directly through answering my questions, or indirectly through reading his posts and watching his videos. For a good while there I don’t think there was a single day that would pass that I wouldn’t learn something or other from him.
I spoke with him but I never met him, and I was very saddened to hear of his passing. I’ve drifted away from the Lightwave scene over the past few years, but I will remember Larry for the rest of my life for all the help and guidance he gave me.


I purchased many of Larry’s tutorials in my Lightwave days and attended a seminar that he gave when passing thru the midwest. He was inspiring. I’m shocked to learn he passed away.
Rest In Peace Splinegod, you will be missed.


You know, it’s funny how one person can impact so many others…even by a single post. What do mean by that? About 5 or 6yrs ago, some folks were talking about ZBrush and Mudbox on the Newtek (Lightwave) forums…and such. Along comes Larry, and he brings up this obscure little software that nobody had ever heard of. I mean nobody.

It was called 3D Brush, and it was relatively cheap. It had a wonky interface, but it actually did a pretty decent job at 3D texture painting. More and more LW users embraced this little thing. Andrew was very responsive, and included a number of LW integration features.

The name was changed to keep from clashing with ZB’s, and is now known as 3D Coat. It has come a long, long way since then; but I’m convinced it would still be a small, unknown app, if Larry had never mentioned it on the forums.


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