Laptops that u can swear by!


Yes I am thinking of buying a laptop and I really want suggestions of good ones if any.
Thanks in advance


I swear at my laptop all the time.

I have a Dell Precision M50, government issued. It weighs roughly 4 tons and it’s pretty quick. Pentium 4 and a gigabyte of ram. I run Lightwave, Digital Fusion, and Photoshop mostly, as well as some real-time vis stuff for work. Lotsa power for a laptop, I’d recomend it if the price was right, it is a travel/everyday use laptop so it’s what I use for everything.

I (we) also just got a new Mac powerbook, for video editing on the road. It screams with final cut pro but I haven’t used it much seriously, only a few small projects and watching DVD movies on the plane. It’s not battle tested but it gets the job done so far.


I just picked up an inspiron 9100. It rocks. Go all out with it though. 3.4 ghz/256mb ati/1gb memory/ 100gig hard drive. I’ve thrown everything at it. 3d software, ut2k4, and of course doom 3, and it chops away at them all terrifically. Best part is I see now dell’s got them with a 15% off discount now, so it’ll save you a few hundred on it.

This will inevitably turn into a brand flame war, so I’m backing up dell. This was my second dell laptop and I’m sold on them. Great products and customer service. All around good quality for your $$


Yup, Dell Inspiron. Go for it!:thumbsup:

I’ve been using an I8200 (1.6 GHz w/ nVidia 64MB Geforce) for a couple of years as my main PC. I do all my CG and some games with it. It has been very reliable. I just maxed out in RAM (1 GB now) and it screams. Any newer Dell will make you happy.


Dell Inspiron 5150. I love the thing to death, but its a bitch as far as heat. It only has one fan to keep a P4 cool, and doesn’t do a very good job. I have to have a small fan next to it to keep it within tolerable levels.


I would have to back up Dell also, the company I work for has had good luck with them and my laptop has been good to me. I am crippled by IT so I can’t install anything onto it, which probably keeps it more stable. I haven’t used another laptop for 3D though so I can’t compare.

What other makers are good for laptops? i would really like to know.


I was in your situation a couple of months ago, and did quite a ot of research. I have several friends (no tech-heads) whose laptops just slowed down, crashed and behaved badly. I think the main reasons for that thogh were WinXp HOME on some of the machines (god forbid) in combination with lots of viruses and spyware and crap (and after that antivirus and anti-spyware and anti(fill in here) programs slowing down even further).

Anyhow, I’ve had my computer for two months (see below), been using it a lot. It looks relatively sleek and pro, although it is not made in a metallic material. It still runs very fast and stable. It runs Max very nicely. I can even use it to do some really stuff in combustion (the ATI graphics card works ok with it), although I’d rather do it on my workstation.

I ended up with a HP nx7010 weighing 2,9 kg, with PM 1,6 GHz, 1Mb cache, 768 Mb Ram, 1680x1050 resolution, Ati Mobility 9200 64 MB Graphics Adapter, 40 Gb hard drive, 1xfirewire, 3x USB2.0, 10/100 ethernet, wireless LAN 811 b/g, SD Memory slot (no disk drive), CDRW/DVD, Win XP Pro, 1 year warranty (on the spot pickup).

It cost me about 1900 dollars plus tax (I live in sweden), US prices were similar.

New motherboards with more cache and higher front side bus spreeds are getting more attractive pricewise, I am talking abouth the “2MB L2 Cache, 400MHz FSB”. When I bought mine prices were still way too high.

Also, the firewire port does not work perfectly stable, neither with LaCie FW hard drives nor DV cams. I bought a cheap noname three-port FW plugin-card that works 100% stable.

Win XP Pro is a must.

One of my friends who have had one for a year (nx 7010) also had a very pleasant experience, till he got a serious virus infection which made the machine unbootable. He called support (didn’t say it was most likely a virus though), and they picked his machine up after a couple of hours (sweden), sent it to Manchester, fixed it, and dropped it at his place using UPS 40 hours later. Guarantee covered it. All his HD intact. Pretty nice.:slight_smile:

Oh and it’s VERY silent. I can’t hear it when the fans are off (they only run when the machine gets hot). Battery life is 3,5 hour. I do believe that you have an advantage with the Pentim M in aspects of heat/sound and battery life.

The silence is a bliss compared to my dual xeon workstation, people on the phone even ask me what that sound is when i’m sitting at it.:sad:


Vote for Dell again.

The Dell M60 looks like a solid contender. A coworker has one here and it’s super solid. Also they’re one of the few that use nVidia’s Quadro Go cards. It’s a must have if you’re gonna be doing 3D.




I run Maya, Photoshop and UnrealEd on a Dell with a P4 and a gig. I forget exactly what card is in there but it does what I need for the production work I do on it.



Planning to get a Toshiba M200 (hopefully with a 2Ghz Dothan and a gig of ram) when I get my bonusin a month or two. Should be able to handle the 3D stuff I use (Wings and starting to use Blender a bit), and bloody fantastic for sketching/painting on the go. I’ve heard good things about this wonderful piece of kit, and it looks dead sexy to boot.


I used to have a dell M50, and it was a very good machine I did lots of work on. Drawbacks are weight (if that’s an issue) and the cost.

If you’re looking at that price level, i’d suggest looking at HP’s nc-series as well. The housing is in some lightweight metallic material, and they are the flagship laptops from HP. Not widescreen either , if you don’t like that.

I’ve had no problems actually with my ATI 9200 card in my nx7010 running 3dsMax6 and CS3 (although my general impression with ATI is not as good as with nvidia boards i’ve used).


HP Pavilion Notebook PC with AMD Athlon™ XP Processor 2800+

They’re cheap and have 64mb of Video RAM…CircuitCity is expensive. I’ve seen them cheaper.


Dell precision M60 with a gig of ram and a geforce fxgo 700, kicks ass totally reliable. A bit heavy, but when you have to do live modeling sessions with a client on the other side of the globe, that reliability is worth the wieght.


According to top three notebooks from the most recent issue of PC Magazine, the top three ranked companies for notebooks are:





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i’m using a Dell Precision M60… so far works great! much betta than my desktop with a 1.6GHz P4 and 256 RAM… Maya runs almost perfect on my laptop… no probs with 3D max, photoshop and premiere… would definitely recommend if no budget constraints… only disadvantage would be the weight… haven got a decent bag for it yet… lolz

Dell Precision M60: PM 1.4GHz, 1GB DDR RAM, Quadro FX Go1000 128MB RAM


has anyone used the Boxx laptops?


Maya, Photoshop, and Illustrator all run smoothly on my Powerbook G4 867 mHz. It’s almost two years old, but it lets me do everything reasonably quickly. :slight_smile:


Sager brand has worked fairly well for me - the P4’s are quite heavy though. Of course, my laptop will be out-of-date in a year, at which point it will join 3 other desktops in my farm. :slight_smile:

Sager 8790
P4 3.0HT
XP Pro
ATI Mobility 9700 256MB
CDMA 1xEVDO Cellular Card