laptop hotkeys (blender noob)


blender assigns some hotkeys to the numpad, which is missing from most laptops. without buying a usb numpad, is there a way to get these hotkeys working on a laptop. what i’m particularly concerned about is view manipulation. thank you.


user preference -> System & opengl -> emulate numpad.

i think this will make it.


thank you very much. i will try that


I just installed Blender 2.33a last night on my PowerBook. Under preferences, there is an option to have the number row perform the numpad functions. I selected that and it worked for me.

Now if I can just figure out how to emulate middle & right clicks (or break down and buy a real mouse! :slight_smile: ).


Middle click is automatically emulated (in all plafforms) if you press down ALT while clicking with you left (or single) button.

As for the right click, I am not a Mac user, but there must be a way since they are so many Apple/Blender users out there.



i had to use FN-button on my laptop to access the numpad.

Maybe this help


Normally, right click is emulated by CTRL+Mouse. I think this works with Blender as well, but to me, a multi-button mouse makes more sense workflow wise.

As an aside, does anyone know where I can find a nice printable page of all the keyboard shortcuts? I’m starting to learn the keystrokes for move, scale, rotate, etc., but I’m thinking a handy-dandy shortcut sheet would make life much easier.


There was a basic one right into Blender. It seems to be removed from the newer versions, but if you get an older one, Open a text window, and select “New” from the drop-down list, one of the options available will be a shortcut list.

Besides, there are a few web-sites maitaining shortcut lists for Blender, just need to google around.

My mistake, you don’ t need an old version, you just need a .blend file made with an old version, since the shorcut list was automatically hidden inside every file by default. It was hidden as an unused text buffer.


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