Laptop for $5? You gotta be kidding.


link removed <— anyone try this yet? What’s the catch?


interestingWhy don’t you try it and tell us.


Q: What am I purchasing from

A: You are purchasing our eBooks. They will give you information on various things such as how to sell on eBay, fix debt, how to find products cheap online, and more! The eBooks are for both PC and Mac users. Along with your purchase, your EZLaptop account will become active so you can receive our e-mails to earn credits towards your very own laptop!

Q: How many credits are required to earn the laptop?

A: The number of credits to earn the laptop is 230. For every e-mail you receive and every referral you bring to the site, you’ll earn whole credits! You’ll be on your way to earning your laptop in no time!

in other words, you become the spammer


"New ownership began on July 14th, 2004. Any questions for the program before this cannot be answered. With new ownership, we wont have the answers for you.

"That kind of says it all.


[cough] scam.


almost sounds like a pyramid scheme


hey we had one of these last week for free ipod…got locked…when will people learn that if its too good to be true,it probably is…now let this thread die :wise:



Because it is.


Please don’t post scam/spam crud on CGTalk.

The Admins already have high blood pressure.
Thank you