Laptop for 3D GFX


I’d really love to be able to work outside, in coffee shops, etc.
It seems in my browsing that the biggest monitor I can find on a laptop is 17" Anyone heard of anything bigger?
I’m accustomed to my 19" workstation at 1600x1200 so it’d be great if there was a laptop that would not be too much of a step down from that.

Anyone else do 3D on a laptop?
I’m thinking with the speed of them nowadays I wouldnt notice much of a performance hit. It’s mainly the monitor I’m concerned with.
And perhaps the video cards.

Any advice to help me choose would be appreciated.



4 of my friends have the HP ZD7000. The 17inch display is great. You can get a Geforce card for it and it is available with 3.2 GHz Pentium HT. Another great feature is the numpad. I really like it. The only problem is the weight and you have to be careful, that enough air comes to the fans on the bottom.
I’m a Maya user and if I would buy a notebook, than this would be the one.


have you looked at and They both make stunningly speced machines that happen to look good aswell. I have not used them, but I am looking to buy myself and have narrowed these two down as possible solutions.


work outside and in coffee shops - with a 17" laptop? You know that the fun will be over in 1 hour without a power plug


I imagine many would have wall outlets. And I’ll get at least one extra battery if not two. Not too big of an issue I wouldnt think.


I don’t like Alien due mainly to the fact that they only have the 15 inchers, no 17’s.

But, YOWZA, those rock direct 17 inchers look smokin’ !

Thanks for the heads up.


I would suggest the Sony Vaio VGN-A197 or A117 or A170…there are many names for more or less the same product :wink:

Intel Pentium-M 1700MHz • 512MB • 80 GB • DVD±RW • ATI Mobile Radeon 9700 64MB • WLan 802.11b/g • Bluetooth • 17,0" WUXGA TFT • Windows XP Professional

the display ist really really impressive - it’s also the lightest 17" available with a nice battery lifetime (around 2,5 - 3 hours);sid=yT3Jz7LJ7gzJaPPDmWPDxP3GW3lFg5oguI0=?CategoryName=cpu_VAIONotebookComputers_Aplus&Dept=cpu_VAIONotebookComputers


:eek: :eek: :eek:

wow here is a good question again. i am also searching for the right portable comp for working wiith maya everywhere. all of you recommend ati and nvidea cards which are not made for 3d work at all. and some told that you have to reconfigure make them open gl compatible via software and so on. now please for a dumbard: which laptops work with maya and other apps and which cause trouble?


My favorite out of the several I’ve used (some actually bought and returned):

Mobile Quadro video card and a very hefty Centrino chip. I also have the 1920x1200 res (WUXGA) and love it. The high res. on a 15.4" screen definitely makes up for the lower resolution found on the 17" ones.


I recently bought a Rock, and it’s pretty good - I got the higher res 17" screen (1680x1050) but the side effect is that it is very shiney. The ATI card seems fine, but I think a Quadro is a safe bet.

You can also plug in a second monitor if you have one, which is very handy.

  • Steve


Hey, I am very intrested in that question my self.

Because i only do 3D on my laptop.

My desktop is a rather old and i dont have enough money yet for a upgrade and i just resently bought a laptop.

(How old you say?)

64mb GFX Card
256mb ram
P4 1.4 ghz

Now my laptop is grate for 3D render times can be a bit long but rather quick most times.

I got my laptop from Its a insperon | 8100 15,4 Widescreen

I run maya quite good on it, with a 128mb GFX Card 1.6 Celeron and 512mb its rather good.

Battery time last around 2 - 3 hours.

And i think im the only one i know who does 3D on a laptop dam Doesn’t bother me.

Have anyother questions ask!



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