Landscapes and Lightwave - The Sequel


Ladies and Gents,

I just wanted to announce that the Landscapes and Lightwave tutorial project is once again receiving ongoing updates, with 2 new sections placed online for your viewing pleasure. These two sections finish the very overdue chapter on grass creation and focus on tool usage for a lead-in to creating trees, shrubs and other forms of plantlife for terrain scenes.

You can read it here:



This tutorial is mind-bogglingly awesome!

Finish it! Finish it!! :slight_smile:


Hi Joe,

This is awesome news man! Glad to see you finally getting back to finishing it.


i have not seeb or read it as yet but thanx for the contirbution


Fongool: I’m getting there mate… I really am! Thanks for the vote of support! :slight_smile:

mohh: Thanks mate… been wondering where you’ve been hiding lately! We don’t too much of you around the site much anymore. :frowning:

ziah: Thanks kindly! I always appreciate the support I’ve gotten over the years from the LW community for my tutorials. :slight_smile:


Hi Joe,

I’m attending school now and I rarely have any free time any more. I usually still swing around and read threads, but it’s true, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll just have to find the time though.


Good for you man! How’re things going in class? Pulling some awesome marks I hope? No worries or pressure on the visits bro; we’ll be there when you’re able. :slight_smile:


I’m attending Capella University, an all online school. Man let me tell ya, this stuff is no joke! I think that online classes are 3-5 times harder than traditional ones, mainly because you actually have to read everything that is assigned in order to understand what’s going on. The workload is crazy! They dish out assignments that would normally take a full 7 days to complete and we must have them done in 3 days. It wouldn’t be that bad if I didn’t work 8 hours per day and have 3 boys all under the age of 5 to look after. That usually leaves me 10:30pm-2:00am to do my schoolwork and I have to get up at 5:30am each morning to get to work…

On a positive note, I am currently holding a 4.0 average. That will probably change after this quarter though. I am really having a hard time keeping up with the workload of my Algebra class. Its not that it’s too hard, its just too much to do in such little time.

As far as coming around here goes, are you kidding? This is the only break I get so I look forward to coming around. :wink:


grate!, thanks for your hard time work for, best one i like is Sky, looks so real.

thanks again, BTW do you have ZIP file of all pages images?


mohh: Wow… sounds kind of neat, although your scheduling sounds very hectic. I don’t envy you that part of it at all. I’m glad you’re doing well though, and are enjoying it. You may toil today, but in the end you will reap the benefits - keep at it mate!

NileshXYZ: Thanks mate! Unfortunately, there is no zip version available, as the completed tutorial (with added material) will be made available on cdrom via the LWG store.

Added material to date includes, but is not limited to:
[li]OGO Taiki Addendum (extra settings / presets)[/li][li]Texture Motion for Waves (complex and simple)[/li][li]Effector Displacement[/li][li]Textured Motion for vehicles (land and water)[/li][li]Faking Underwater Caustics[/li][li]Wakes and Spray (ex: as seen around boats in motion)[/li][li]Beach Washes (ex: foamy waves on beaches)[/li][li]Water Surface Disturbance (ex: Before a submarine surfaces)[/li][/ul]Much more planned; almost enough to fill another 2-3 chapters worth of material. For now, work is commencing on the plantlife chapter, and is looking to be roughly 6 - 8 sections of in-depth material, both theoretical and practical in nature. Basic weather effects will be covered here as well (although the major stuff is saved for it’s own chapter).

I am also looking for suggestions from the community on possible addendums they would like to see added, as it pertains to the material covered in the tutorial. I’m looking for the best, or possibly the most difficult things to do. The best 5 will more than likely make the cut…



Just a heads-up; work continues with material added to the online version this afternoon. The first segment on Tree Construction is online. This part of the first section details the building of basic trees. This weekend will see the section completed with material covering surfacing and texturing of the tree object.



Tap Tap… is thing on? Where’d everybody go? :wink:

Progress continues through the night! Segments two and three have been added to the tree construction tutorial, detailing weight map texturing and bark texture creation. Final two segments will be posted tomorrow, to wrap up the section and pave the wave for a few sections on various leaf creation methods.

I leave you with a sample of where I am now in surfacing (note - not completed yet), one distant showing the whole tree and one close-up showing bark detailing completed to date.



It has been kind of quiet around here hasn’t it?


Sure has… :slight_smile:

But that doesn’t mean I have to stop with the updates… lol. Here’s a shot of the entire bark texturing. This surface is comprised of 1 image map for alpha purposes and scads of layer of procedurals and gradients. The section will be complete tomorrow with this surfacing as the final part of the page’s work… Enjoy!


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