Landscape creation / Athmosphere?? Realistik look!


I hope that someone in here can help me.
First i want to say, i Know how to create landscapes(with displacement and so on) und i know how to make a sky (with a hollow sphere) but my problem is it just looks shitty if you bring those two things together!!! i want to make a realistic looking landscape scene and i need some kind of athmosphere. I mean i need an effect for the far sight in my scene. i tried it with fog in various styles, but it just looks like shit. i simply want to bring some dept in my scene and i want to animate this scene afterwards so that you can see it from various spots.

So thats what i wanna do


Guess u can use mist in setting of MR as a VOLUME shader.


hmm dont understand anything… Could you explain it a bit more deeply. THX


OK, press F10, make sure that Mental Ray is ur default renderer, then choose “Renderer” tab and find “Camera Effects” roll out, then find “camera shaders” then hit Volume box then select “Mist(lume)” shader, then paste it as an instance in ur mat editor.Its done now! just render the scene and change the values in ur mat editor.Hope it works!


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