Landing, Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Amazing textures and materials . 5 stars.


Hello Baldasseroni ,

Great work indeed, the composition is very well mastered !

I will not comment xURIELx reply, caus’ it has already done here lol
I understand his feeling, but I agree with you Baldasseroni and JackZhang ^^

As you said , getting a picture in the award section depends on ‘moderators taste’.

and hey ! Here I agree with them :thumbsup: .

Again great job, very intense picture :slight_smile:


that’s alot of choice awards under your belt, your like a 3rd degree black belt of cg awards. kicking serious !@#$%. haayya!


Wow! Frickin’ badass! Nice one Al. Great stuff! Cool character. Gorgeous illustration. Props!


Bravo Alessandro, mi piace molto. Modello, posa e resa ,complimenti



Very nice work, I like the dynamic and action in this pic, nicely done. I also like the smoke from his back and background is nice too.

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Keep it up, good job


The render on page two is great. Well done for texture and composition.:slight_smile:


Absolutely stunning work.

IMO the armour is a little too shiny for combat armour, but really, the trailer and illustration blew me away.

And its piqued my interest in the game too!


5 stars from me! no doubt about it! Beautiful work!!:beer:


great dynamic and colours, model like always very good:)


That’s an awesome model - I really like it :slight_smile:

Nice work!


awesome work mate!

i much preffer this version over the super clean one in the cinematic. ace stuff



Great Work Ale!


Complimentissimi Alessandro, ho visto il teaser giusto due giorni fa!

…ma il filmato coi robottoni a Pearl Harbour l’avete più finito?


as always I hate you!


i fell in love with this when i saw it


this was live and effect i love this one


Nice work on your graphic design :twisted:


i told this b4- thats F#&$#& awesome


I love this pic! The color and texture of it just blow me away.
It’s 3D but looks very illustrative (in the best possible way).

How did you do the background. Is it a matte painting, or 3d with a lot of post effects?