Landing, Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Heya Alessandro,
the piece is very nice - the only thing that bug me a little is the right arm’s position (I would have imagined it with a “wider” position, and more visible from the camera).
Other then that, and it was a very minor thing, the piece is pretty.


Nice work, i like it :slight_smile:


one word:…



ebbè… :eek: come sempre i tuoi lavori spaccano!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: nice work! but the smoke of the jet are wronggggg!!!

(continuo ad esserne convinto…ma tanto è istes!!) AHAHAHAHAHAH



Keep on make me dream! :slight_smile:


superb work, well done.


Great work Ale! But you already heard me say that months ago. :wink:

Tim J


Great pic my friend !


Thanks to you all guys, its all Timegates and Blurs intellectual property,and especially the cinematic is hard teamwork ... but i had for sure a lot of fun with the model and the illustration, im glad you appreciated it.

giobianco : Ma ancora non te ne sei fatto una ragione ? :wink:

Seraph135 : Hey Mr. Jones … we miss you… it`s nice to still see you around sometime , take care :slight_smile:

Simonblanc : thanks mate, much appreciated.

Here`s a sample of the final cinematic model :



the first image is Brutal man, great stuff, the soldier and armor are quite superb as well.


Amazing composition, very dynamic. I really like the sense of power that it holds.


Such a brilliant and powerful image! The model just looks so bad ass, good job!


amazing :slight_smile:


Thankyou for your reply Alessandro!
Do you think to make a tutorial DVD with Gnomon or someone else, abaut model, texture and final image?



First of all, impressive image grats on the work
here it goes
but i dont agree on the idea that people who work in studios like Blur…
and do alot of team work and have conditionds that they have should be on the award list and have that kind of attention.Not becouse i am jelous
(on the other hand who wouldnt be…) either way i think that websites should support younger not established artists who work in their own conditions and develope what they can in order to get some attention to their work
Coz people from Blur, Activision, Massive Black, EA games are doing very well so…
I mean just a thought dont get me wrong i like to see what are those studios making in their free time but dont think here is just the right place (could be wrong thou?)
So this message is more to the administrators but also ppl from Blur

Either way Grate Image


Well, thanks for the award , first of all.

xURIELx : I understand your point , really , but maybe you can also watch the entire thing in a different perspective.
You might consider watching at the gallery as a peaceful place where people can take a look , see some nice art and why not…sometime get inspired, no matters who the artist works for, instead of a fierce competition which advantages people already working in the industry.
The reason i say that is because theres no money involved , just some (unavoidable i think) exposure that , as you rightly say , is not necessary to people already well known and working for cg related companies. But theres no limit ,weekly or monthly, ,as far as i can understand, (please correct me if im wrong) to the number of displayable artworks , so if something is worth to the displayed (according to the taste of the moderators) sooner or later it will pop up here. So , in my humble opinion, no locked or "stolen" spots in this gallery , just an high standard , but this at the end of the day is just a benefit for the viewer. To conclude i can assure you that ive received more of these “awards” for artworks not working related than for “team working” or company works, so believe me when i say that its still a democratic place which doesnt discriminate artists.
I wish you all the best.


Superb, 5 stars without a doubt and an excellent video aswell :smiley:


Good base Modeling, the Flare is a litle bit to strong. :slight_smile:


a website supports every artist equally. It supports everyone by promoting great work and share with the community so everyone can get the benefit from it.

personally humble opinion here: It has nothing to do with whether you are in the industry or not. Whether you are well-known or “unestablished”. OUR goal is to achieve great art and that goal belongs to everyone. If a young “artist” wants to get promote, then work hard. The only reason that makes someone wants to make an image should be the desire of showing the beauty of art, not to get promoted. Promotion WILL eventually come when one’s skill reaches certain level.

I agree with him. I grow up in this place. When I was a student back then, when I didn’t work for EA and didn’t receive any choice award, I looked upon those works in choice gallery. Those were the standard to me, those means “outstanding” to me. It forces me to look into their work with more than just admire. I studied like a madman just try to be as good as them. 4 years later, here I am.

Sorry Alessandro for turning your thread into a discussion area. Please accept my apology.