Landing, Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Title: Landing
Name: Alessandro Baldasseroni
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Done at Blur Studio for Timegate`s Section 8 game cinematic , you can see it at :

This illustration in particular has been done after the realization of the cinematic model for my own fun and later on has been used as marketing material.
Few rightful credits :
Francisco Ruiz Velasco at Blur for sketching the pose and suggestions.
Samuel P.Prack he`s the guy (as far as i know ) behind an hires version of this soldier which has been partially used for geometric detail and design reference .
Sze Jones at Blur for character modeling supervision.


Wow…so much action and energy in your shot…and a great character! Perfect composition and colors as well…I Love it!


amazing work man…
outstanding pose…


bravissimo come sempre alessandro!!!


Amaizng work! :thumbsup:


very cool idea - Really enjoy your rendering style!


Really great stuff.


Looks great
Metal material, details, design and composition specially.


WOW ! Great work, almost pascal Blanche looking backdrop ( who i really like ) so thats only a good thing. The sense of impact is fantastic, not too subtle and not OTT.

Good job ! :thumbsup:



This image is moving !!!

Yes there is some Pascal Blanché inside but it’s Much more technical and clean than pascal’s creations (in my opinion)


One word just WOW ! Awesome work! Really dynamic! 5*


Mind blowing piece! Amazing armor!:eek:


:d i like how you made his eyes like really tiny

most “mech” characters have round cyborg eyes :smiley:

thumbs up

(may i see wire frame :D)


Espressivo come sempre!

Straight to the front page I guess? :bowdown:


Great pic !



holy crap that is just so amazing!


Can you post a wire?
How do you create a pose?


amazing work! BEAUTIFUL!


Hey, thanks for the appreciation :slight_smile:

It has been posed roughly in Zbrushs transpose , heres a wire :



Really awesome work man, image looks amazing.