Land Rover Defender, Dennis Frick (3D)


Title: Land Rover Defender
Name: Dennis Frick
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D

Hi there,
here is a rendering / compositing of one of my recent projects, a Land Rover Defender.
A previous lowpoly model was used to design the zebra pattern for one of my customers.
After this project I reconstruct the Defender and made this compositing with the hires version.
Hope you like it.



This came out great Dennis. The lighting and color correction are spot-on. The only thing that gives it away are the edges/sampling on the geometry. On some of the straight pieces you can see the jagged edges. Still, that’s just getting picky :slight_smile: 4*


Fantastic realism, looks like photo. Congratz :applause:


hey that’s really good work,top quality,just one crit from me tho, the second window ,that is the behind one seems too reflective,can see a lot of foliage on it,or is it the bush behind the car?..


Great render/composit! Yea i agree with the edges being a little aliased, maybe soften them a tiny bit. I wonder if you could use zdepth to control the amount of blur the further back even too, but only on a minute scale. Dont want it to look like you used an edge detect or blurred the edges to much. I only really noticed it around the edge of the car itself.

Great Job! :smiley:


That environment is soo fake, the car is waay too square and the tires are not round.

comment inspired by the “worst comments” thread

To be serious, that integration is almost flawless (there’s always something wrong, but I can’t see it). I dont think anybody could tell for sure its not a photo without knowing it.

excellent work!

edit: mm I have to admit that the edges of the car could be better, but it doesnt change by any means the overall feel of a splendid work.


An excellent job, finally a car that isn’t sitting in the middle of nowhere.



Yep, it’s there. I’m not into cars but this one is interesting and well done! :beer:


Lol looks like the middle of nowhere to me!

Anyways, lovely render - the shading and lights really make the comosite work! Nice work man.


Nice work Dennis :slight_smile:
It reminds me of some renderings Peter Buchholz (Bookwood) did featuring a Landrover. You both show similar love to detail.


Great work, bravo!


What gave it away for me is the shadow underneath the car, it’s a bit inconsistent. Other than that it’s a photo as far as I’m concerned. :smiley:


amazing stuff, great work mate. very realistic.


welldone,flawless rendering mate!congrates:thumbsup:


Great render, my only crit would be the shadowed areas, particularly those above and to the right of the land rover, they really leap forward and need to be knocked back some. Infact the rocky area in the bg ‘above’ the LR doesnt work at all for me, I’d just stick with scrub there if I were you.


fantastic work I like a render perfect outdoor job:beer:


wow look very good, if the picture had a little bluriness and a depth of field indication…i believe it would bump the realizm more…but seriously how long did it take you to do it…coz i like it a lot


congrates dude,it’s a rock work.super realistic! :thumbsup:
can you speak about it’s rendering process if it’s possible!?


very nice!! great detail and very believable. i really like the sharpness and grainyness.

did you choose mkk on purpose? cause its where i come from :slight_smile:




… as you might see from my post count, i’m not a heavy user…
… but here you got my 4*!

… your piece is so different from those high res, all polished car pics and
that is why it gains so much realism, i think…

… just the shadow beneath the car seems kind of too clean?
… well, great work anyway… cheers, mate!