Lamborghini Murcielago, Reiv (3D)


the 1st image sux, the second rox

Reflections do MAKE difference :beer:


Nice renders. I like them both. I think people missed the point with the first render, wasn’t it supposed to be sylised…I think one guy even mistook it for something done in painter. :beer:



That is some fine work indeed. While I do like the second one far more I also like the first one as well. And yes the first one is different (that’s prolly why I like it). But damned the second one is slick.

awesome job, really! :applause:



woh amazing model,the reflection ar good,great job
could u show me the wireframe of this car


Looks fantastic dude. Keep up the good work!


Looks good. Did you make an interior as well?


I prefered the old one, something particular in the material that is different of all vehicles’ rendered images…
Specially on the wheels!..
You don’t need to have realistics reflects to perform an exemplar work on this theme!!!




Hi, thanx for all your comments guys.

For the render, I’ve used VRay because it renders faster blured reflexions, but you can exactly do the same thing with the default render cause I’ve not used special features of vray.
Now the car has brakes . I’ve changed the car material : now
reflexivity is a mix of two layers: one blured and one neat.
The interior is not done … yet, and wire is coming soon :slight_smile:

Thanx again, @+


That’s great, definitelly an exemplar work…
As I told, a great result on wheels…


Merde, j’aurais du répondre en français!..J’avais pas vu qu’on parlait le même dialecte!
Bon, donc, un magnifique travail sur cette Lambor’!!!:eek:


The wire of the lowpoly car ( lmeshSmooth lvl 0 ) :


Sick Man, Just Sick!!! That is AWESOME:thumbsup:
Gives me something to aspire to one day. Keep em


Out of all of them, the high reflective picture looked the best.

:drool: :eek: :drool:



listen …

are you crazy???

In this forum just there are crazy guys, Very good, good same.

The background is fantastic, how you make it???
the color stayed very cool …

Congratulation this will go for my private gallery !!




Thats some very nice work, great render job too. nice modeling work, good clean mesh. great job man!


Good job!!! it’s awesome… i like the 1st render it has a wierd but cool look to it…
The folding out “batwings” (behind the side window) are supposed to be flush with the body but they stick out a bit too much. Maaaaaaaaaaaan thats the biggest problem i could find w/ ur car (that makes me sad)


THx angain for ur comments.
PauloSampaio: The background is really simple: this is juste a radial map mixed with different “noise” maps, that’s all :slight_smile:


freakin’ A man…very nice render, i kinda like the more reflective one more cuz it looks “cleaner” but the other one looks more “realistic”

keep it up and hit me on AIM at duncedom



thanks… reiv.