Lamborghini Murcielago, Reiv (3D)


The render without the blurring reflections, i like the most :slight_smile:


another coincidence is that we have about the same number of posts

@ t-man152 : but i registred in Jan 2003 and you in Jun 2003 :stuck_out_tongue:
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an applause from all the car modelling fans of CGTALK!!!
:applause: :applause:

Second render looks super shhhmick and deserves a really good look, not just a quick glance! :slight_smile:
Hopefully the next machine you produce will be a tiny bit more original. (theres many murcielagos floating around) even though yours may be the best!


man the model is great i like the blured image more it makes the model stand out more. great work man.:thumbsup:


so nice! very chunted!!!1 WEELLDONE!!!:applause:


Needs brakes. :stuck_out_tongue:


la classe, tu mets le moyen est les disques (on les voit bc sur la muercielago) et ce sera parfait, non, serieux, le coup de mettre le flou sur les reflections, c pas con !!!


Hehe, I prefer the first rendering over the second one. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both GREAT! It’s just that the second one is just too slick, the first one shows a lot more elegance; a painted impression, just the way I like it :wink:
Maybe you should considder making a yellow version, it might end up in a cliche, but the color would be in harmony with the blueish background? Or a limegreen version ;), I saw Missy Elliott and Busta having one in that color, it totally rocked! :slight_smile:


wow amazing, what tools did you use, within max.


Looks great I love the hardcore reflections. I am just not sure about the side pod air intake. might be the angle but it doesn’t look quite right to me. Doesn’t look like it is closed in behind.


Yeah, it looks nice. Nice materials. Somebody has already mentioned, that you don`t have brake calipers.

Otherwise it looks nice. Although im not sure about some linies of the car, so It doesnt look real to me. Well see my Lambo :) Ill let you know (hope)


yes, i made a lapsus with the hub (moyeu en francais), you need all the fuse, caliper, disk brake and the screw on the center of the wheel !!


Wooow, So nice car here. :smiley: coooool


Wooow, So nice car here. :smiley: coooool
I prefer the second piece
Keepost up the great work


hi me pleasurable her premium image at verity is highly good , her latter has some trouble of refleciones , as it is possible which itself reflect the car in the floor and the funding of the setting not and whether yourself lingering her spotlight in the front of the car is not continuous , I take her premium image is cool and sorry for my bad english
:buttrock: yeahhhhhh


jolie boulot on peut voir un wirframe s’il te plai monsieur, je dis monsieur car c’est vraiment trés beau

bravo et bonne continuation


Great Job :applause:


“I model and render it with 3dsMax5.” Scanline render? If so I am even more impressed, very nice work!:thumbsup:


the model is simply amazing and the scene fits perfect, the reflective render added so much more to it… amazing


just wondering… What was the render time on that baby?