Lamborghini Gallardo (Low Poly)


For my first attempt at low poly modelling I have decided to model the Lamborghini Gallardo as it is my favourite supercar at the moment. My aim is to build a model using less than 5,000 polys, which having read various posts on this forum looks to be around the right number for a game model e.g. Gran Gran Turismo 3 on PS2.


When modelling a car I always begin by building the wheels, and the Gallardo has some quite intricate wheels. The wheel and tyre below are constructed from 810 polys, which is on the high side, particularly given my aim of using 5,000 polys for the whole model. However one of my personal dislikes is wheels and wheel arches which are not round, so I will stick with it for now. I plan to remove the ring of vertexes separating the border between the wheel and tyre when I texture the model and that should save 50 polys per wheel.


Great stuff. Keep us posted.


Not a mayor crit, but I think you could add an extra row of polys on the edge of the tyre to make it more round.


Started work on the body


Well, it is slowly coming along, though too slowly. Im not sure why it took quite a few days to do something that should have been done in under 90 seconds. But you said it’s your first low poly car so maybe you’re re-doing things a lot.

Hopefuly the speed picks up soon, or 3000 polys will take a very long time :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice so far, though I think when you have four of those rims, it’ll be really heavy in polycout. :rolleyes:


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