Lakkenäa and Snowball, Diane Özdamar (2D)


Title: Lakkenäa and Snowball
Name: Diane Özdamar
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

This is a quick illustration done for the december part of the DrowInside Calendar by Kanuka76 on DeviantART

Closeups (size : 55% except for the face which is 30%)

WIP steps

Photoshop CS3
Wacom Intuos 3A4
No reference
Original size : 3450px * 10630px, 300 dpi
18 hours approximately.

And now, time for a stupid cute story which adds nothing to the painting :
Lakkenäa is listening to Snowball telling her where she can adopt an other snowdragon (and a specific one by the way : he fell in love with a pretty she-dragon and wants her to be his girlfriend ! ), hence her little smile.
And no, she’s not cold, there’s some fire behind her and let’s pretend she’s using magic to feel warm (actually, I was quite tired when I started painting this so I guess my brain was not really working when I put an almost naked woman under snow
Maybe these “dark elves” don’t feel cold ? coughI know, it’s lamecough)

I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

I know it’s still a bit sketchy, but I was already late to give it to Kanuka76 since the official deadline was over :confused:

I may refine it someday when I have free time though, so constructive critiques are very welcome !


just beautiful!


Thank you very much Jojin ! :slight_smile:


It’s extremely realistic body. Seems made by 3D software!
Very skillful!
And the clothes, and the little dragon… all outstanding!
Congratulations Diane!


Thank you very much Nathan ! I actually thought it didn’t look realistic / 3D enough :slight_smile:


hello diane…:). good work on the dress and on the dragon. nice flow of her hair and dress, creating an interesting rythm.

good day.


Diane hats off, impressive work



Wow, thank you very much Waheed and Phoenix !
I really didn’t expect such nice comments on this piece, since it looked a bit sketchy compared to my other works

Thanks a lot !


That’s a nice piece Dianae. I like the overall flow of the picture. There are some nice contrast as well. Good stuff :slight_smile:


Amazing work Dianae! The dragon is so beautiful! :slight_smile:


Of course, I really appreciate this new drawing… very inspiring, very original… with a perfect composition…

juste un ptit truc qui me fait drôle (à force de regarder peut-être), le bas de la fesse gauche me gêne un peu, sans pouvoir vraiment expliquer… peut-être pas assez de tension à cause de la cuisse, ou fesse un peu basse… ou simplement un effet d’optique induit par le mouvement du tissu… très difficile à dire.

Sorry for the french words… I can’t say that in english :argh:

Well… anyway, the image is very pleasant… I love her with this particular mood… :arteest:

continue à nous faire rêver :buttrock:


Great work Dianae, the colours and the dragon are fantastic, also the feeling of connection between the two is spot on for me :bowdown:


beautiful! :beer:


Hi Diane !

Absolutly wonderfull ! I love this image, the subject, the composition the colors the details as always. I’m very impressed by the time you have spent on this image, only 15h. O_O

5* for you Diane ^^



Wow, now that’s a huge surprise. :surprised Seriously, guys, I really was expecting very harsh critiques and not such a nice feedback. Thank you so much Nicholas, Maria, Laurent Antoine, Dan, David and Gilles !

Mr Lemog : je me suis basée sur une anatomie de personne avec bassin droit, ce qui fait que le pli fessier va très loin sur la cuisse et donne cette impression (c’est très peu usité de nos jours, vu que c’est un canon de beauté qui date plutôt du moyen-âge
on a tendance à privilégier le bassin incliné qui supprime quasiment le pli fessier et donne une forme plus “ferme”). Mais si c’est vraiment gênant, j’arrangerai ça :slight_smile:

And now in english : I painted a specific anatomy which shows someone with a straight (vertical) pelvis, which causes the “fold” under the bottom to be very long (it’s almost not used today, since it was a beauty standard in the Middle Ages. We tend to show people with inclined / leaning pelvis nowadays, which causes this fold to almost disappear and make the bottom cheeks look more “firm” ). Though, if it really looks weird, I’ll fix it :slight_smile:

Thanks again people ! :slight_smile:


pose is excelnt and very nice idea :cool:


Beautifull Dianae! I love the collors and composition, the fabric and jewells is so well done.
I can not stop looking at all these details in this beautiful dark Elf :slight_smile:



Thank you very much Tomas and Franciani ! :slight_smile:


You have a very personal style :), I like the tone gradation from the top to the bottom of the image.

Keep on, positive energy and good luck:beer:


C’est moins le fait que ce soit gênant que le fait que ce soit à moitié caché… on ne sait pas si elle a la fesse en “goutte d’eau” ou pas…
mais ne changes rien pour moi, et attends d’autres éventuelles remarques :wink:

Have a nice week-end :wavey: