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You`ll definetly will appreciate ICE. : )
Check out Thiagos(Lagoa author) ICE tutorials from cmivfx.
They will give you good headstart and probably ingnite your intrest.


Well, appreciating and using ICE is not the same as programming nice ready solutions for it.
I’d take a look at the SDK documentation before anything else :wink:
(And that last remark is a slight exaggeration, obviously)


thank you, but honestly, I would never buy anything from cmivfx. I have made very bad experiences with them (they got a copy of DPIT some years ago as they wanted to make training material for it, well, guess if they did…), so my trust and support for them is gone.

Is there any other material for this available? I don´t need training material, all I need is a basic introduction to the concept of ICE and a reference documentation. I can figure this out myself otherwise (never have problems with that). And is the SDK accessible from within the demo? Is there a demo at all? Is there a programmers support forum or something similar? Where do I get the docs?


P.S.: Darn, and now we turned this into an offtopic anyway. Sorry!


The documentation & the SDK documentation are freely available here and the Mod Tool 7.5 which includes ICE, up-to-date to version 7.5, seems a good way to get your feet wet.


and… There is demo available for SI. : )
you should also post&subscribe all the questions to softimage mailing list, there everybody are very active answering, both SDK and app. specific problems.
Its much more active than any xsi specific forum ect.
Its not really offtopic, were talking about ICE so its kinda related. : )
Have fun!

Thats pretty suprising to hear about cmivfx. Too bad they didnt keep their promise. : / Im sure your technical knowledge is more than enough to learn it without cmivfx help, tho! : )


thx both. I hope the download works this time. Last time I tried to download something from Autodesk I needed to install a strange downloader and that didn´t work and I had to seek the forums to get a real link and…argh, it was a PITA really. Why having it easy when you can make it hard. :wink: I´ll check everything out.


Go go go! :smiley:
There is definetly a hole to fill for Aerodynamic fluid sims with the shaders to match.
Yours look very nice I must say.


Don’t do it Samir…just say NO!

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I think this is quite an old release as they’ve added some nice ICE related stuff to the SDK since then. The latest demo might be best, if you can manage on only 30-days.


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Great to see this thread is staying on topic


So am I getting this right? They released “some” of their ICE nodes to Autodesk and kept the rest for a separate product SlipStreamVX?


Sort of. Lagoa Multiphysics, which was created by Thiago Costa independently, was licensed to Autodesk. SlipstreamVX is a separate ICE simulation project (which focused on simulating different physical phenomena) that resulted from collaboration between Exocortex Technologies (my company) and Thiago Costa.

If you want to try out SlipstreamVX and its GPU-accelerated point renderer (which is similar to a previous project of mine, Krakatoa) you can download a free trial here:



Very true, but my idea to recommend the Mod Tool was merely a suggestion to “get your feet wet”, to find out if ICE even works for you, without the 30 days restriction of the demo version. That demo would have been the next step after you “get your feet wet”: “diving in”, so to speak… :wink:


The multiphysics teaser is very cool! :slight_smile:


I’ve asked in a few places and heard nothing, so here goes one last try…

Will this article ever be restored? Anyone know?


Works for me. Seems to be back online.


i find it funny that the article was substantially changed.
even funnier is that the whole part where thiago said
he was looking forward to implementing the tech in other apps
got scrapped. wonder why…:slight_smile:


And still not a single word about runtimes, although it´s even already released. Well, I have the feeling I shouldn´t wait for it.


Congratulations, Thiago. It is very much fun to work with it. Softimage is so ridiculously underrated (or rather under-represented I should say) - I hope this helps change that a little