lagoa is out of softimage 2011.5?


For The Record :slight_smile: At least this one is an established legal acronym, not a world of warcraft one :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems that the Subscription Advantage Pack is now available in the subscription center. Unfortunately clicking on any of the download links gives an 404 error for me. Can anyone else give it a try?

Edit: Scrap that. Downloads are working now. Downloading it with fingers crossed :slight_smile:


soo lagoa is in or out?


I’ll know once the download finishes, which is still 40 minutes away.


do let us know if its in there…
i’m curious what the heck is going on.
there hasn’t been anything confirmed nor denied from autodesk.


it’s IN FL … Quoting Chinny on the Mailing list:<…>

Japanese Docs as well

Includes Lagoa and Matchmover :wink:

This download is only available to those on subscription.

Have fun



From the official announcement on the Mailing List by Jason Brynford-Jones AKA Chinny:

Includes Lagoa and Matchmover :wink:

edit: ray beat me to it! :wink:


Log in and find out.
Softimage 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack is available for download.
Includes Lagoa. Composite. Matchmover. And more…


Yep. It’s all there:

OUT FL indeed.


Any docs on how to use it?



AD/Softimage comes through again. I swear, I know better but I got sucked into an internet rumor. -20 smart points.

Thanks Soft Crew/Thiago/AD!


There’s a whole subtree in the User’s Guide titled “Lagoa Multiphysics.” It looks comprehensive to me, albeit I had only taken a glance at it.

Oh, and the View Cube says hi :argh:


Those on the Tools group are the compiled nodes and are mostly used internally on the simulator or for TD’s to build extensions.

You should go through Tasks > Lagoa rather then on the Tools menu.
And also play with the Sample scenes under xsi_samples/ice/lagoa_xxx.scn
before anything.

Have fun.



Note that there were a few late changes to Lagoa that didn’t make it into the docs. Keep your eye on the wiki for updates.


Sorry, but that sounds a bit strange.
Maybe while they others were frantically postponing the release,
something could have been done to get the docs up to date?
The docs seem to be really losing their edge, I’m afraid :wink:


Thanks, Thiago. I will do that. I guess I won’t be sleeping tonight. And I’m sure there will be ungodly amounts of fun along the way :slight_smile:


Hey, I thought you said you were going to bed


This is my bed… :slight_smile:


The thing is, there’s never been anything confirmed or denied for the rumors.
Other than one single webpage publishing mistake it’s always been the rumor that was unconfirmed.

We can now officially shut the panic mongering down, and move on to playing with the cool toys :slight_smile: