lagoa is out of softimage 2011.5?


i dont see lagoa in the list

anyone know why? and happen?

why big company like autodesk dont tell why?


Don’t start panicking yet. Might very well just be a mistake, the release isn’t out yet.


i smell a little conflict of interests here…
might be linked to the sudden pull out of that article on lagoa.
which would of course…as always, suck for the xsi peeps out there.


Let’s not start putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 5 just yet eh?


I heard from a guy who was told by his friend who learned from his other friend at AD that they were waiting until it’s ported for Maya/Max.

Hey, why not, right?


At this point, going by the ml, people in ad know nothing of lagoa being pulled and think that’s just a publishing mistake.
Hold your conspiracy horses still :slight_smile:


from your mouth to god’s ear raf :slight_smile:


I think remaining optimistic here is best. In many recent postings it has been said that Autodesk is a publicly held company and what they announce in a certain fiscal quarter has to be released within that same quarter, otherwise they can have some big problems. I believe their quarter ends at the end of October. I dont really think that they would advertise Lagoa or mention it at the IBC conference and on the Area, with other postings by Autodesk employees, to just randomly decide to hold it back for a later date…I think that is technically illegal to do as a mis-representation of what people are buying or expected to buy, which I assume many have already purchased or planned to via a new seat or subscription renewal - I might be wrong here though, but I think that is what they are held to being publicly traded, sans a legal hold up of the release…


Pretty sure were just over thinking this.


I’m pretty sure, “we” are overreacting! That said, the conflicting information coming from Autodesk about the date of this release and its actual content is exactly the kind of confusion that breeds “conspiracy theories” like this. This could have been handled way better by the people at Autodesk in general & the people at Autodesk Softimage specifically. It’s really no wonder, some users jump to (probably) outlandish conclusions…
Stephen Blair’s post on his Support Blog, was a nice attempt to address this fear, but even he could only talk about it in terms of “If you ask me” and “all I know”. That’s still vague, obviously, but better than nothing.
The problem is, these kinds of fears aren’t taken seriously enough, which perhaps is understandable, but still a bit strange, considering they originate from, IMHO, bad PR.


Nope …

Apparently, Thiago is OUT FL.

You might eventually be able to buy Lagoa from Exocortex Technologies.


And your source is …?


OUT FL meaning?



If you have some information or a reason you have drawn whatever conclusion you have drawn (OUT FL?), please elaborate. Otherwise, your speculation offers nothing positive here and serves only to confuse.


As in he has decided to retire and move to Florida?


Well, given the confusion and now serious speculation, I have to wonder where the AD reps are to confirm this. It certainly warrants a little update or some information since there are clearly a group of users saying that have some sort of inside information that it is indeed OUT and they are saying it on several forums, comments, etc…


I think this is more of a job for CGtalk mods to make this thread go OUT FL.


If indeed something has happened (and if it has until just a few days ago people in Soft didn’t know about it), and there’s been a crack between AD and Thiago, or a legal snag, then advertising it while they try to patch it does no good at all.

If there is nothing wrong, the release will probably be out soon, week or two or something like that, and now that we’re crossing quarters they should be able to talk about it again.
Kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation whichever way it’s going for AD. In those situations, instead of getting a lumbering machine like their marketing in motion for nothing, you normally just keep quiet for a few days.

We’ll know something before end of this week or the next I imagine, so there’s not much point speculating and torching forums.
Some of the speculation I know to be wild (IE: the article being pulled for some conspiracy, that was just a clearance/publishing issue), some of it I have no insider knowledge on at all and am as much in the dark as anybody else, but I can see how it came into being whether it’s true or not (Thiago has ALWAYS been close to exocortex, well before Lagoa).

That said, I find it pointless when the info is only days away, as would be daily bulletins on it if something was actually happening.

I think this is more of a job for CGtalk mods to make this thread go OUT FL.

If I do that it’s all of 10 minutes before people send me mails and post other threads pointing out how I was bought by AD too so that I could close threads for them :slight_smile:
Believe it or not, it happened before (that I received such messages or read similar posts).

And FTR: in quite a few years as a moderator on this and other forums, I have -never- been asked by Avid or AD or anybody else to do anything to any thread, be it in here or in news or in GD, with only two notable exceptions being people who had posted NDA armored info that we were, kindly, asked if we could remove at least temporarily.
No, not even on their own forums.


hehe can we keep the acronyms to a minimum? FL I thought it was For the Lose or something… but whats FTR? :cry: