Lag with Spline Deformer & Xpresso



I am distributing cubes along a high-res spline using Xpresso. I am using a lower-res spline and a Spline Deformer to deform the high-res spline.

There is a significant lag between the Xpresso and Spline Deformer. In the image below, you can see the lag when using the Timeline’s ‘Go to Next Frame’ or ‘Go to Next Key’ buttons. The cubes do not distribute to the deformed spline until the button is pressed again. I have tried using a Cloner (rather than Xpresso) to distribute the cubes, but this does not fix the issue. I have also tried changing the Expression priorities, Object Manager order, and using the Shift Priority tag, but these did not work.

Lag between Spline Deformer and Xpresso.c4d (396.0 KB)

I have attached my scene file if anyone can offer any help. Thank you!


The answer (thanks to jed on c4dcafe) was to change the Expression priority to Generators 0



Ah good to know.

Do you know about iterators? It will save you a lot of wiring in Xpresso


Thanks for the reply, Simon. Yes, I was also told about them on c4dcafe. :slight_smile: