LadyMedusa’s DrawCember sketchbook thread


Dead Space doodles are really cute) Nice line work!


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Day 1 - Shovel

Day 2 - Candle

Day 3 - Blizzard

Day 5 - Snow

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Replacements for the other days :stuck_out_tongue:


Those Dead Space drawings : so cool ! I wouldn’t mind playing a version of the game with those designs ! That would be so funny !
Also, did you plan to arrange those mittens so that they’d look like a heart ? If so, that’s such a neat idea !

(and I’ll definitely steal it, hehehe :p)


Thank you! Certanly would be funny to play a cute version of the game :p. And yes, the heart thing was intentional :).

Day 7 - Cookies

In Norway, it’s traditional to bake 7 types of cookies in time for Christmas. Nobody agrees to which ones are the original ones, so most people have their own traditions. I picked 7 of the most common ones. All delicious of course :).
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The snowflakes’s picture is a good pattern idea. :slight_smile:
The info of cookies is very interest.


Very beautiful and also seem good to eat.


Beatrix - Thank you :). It would be interesting to learn some about your Christmas traditions as well :).
STFVIT - Thank you, they are too. I’m part Italian so we tend to add a few Italian cookies and cakes as well. Mainly biscotti for dipping in coffee :).


Thoses cookie sketchs look really good! :slight_smile:
To bad i’m not in Norway to taste some of those…


Yummy!!! Now I’m hungry… those cookies really look good!


Thank you Hugo and Gonzalo :slight_smile:

Day 8 - Snowman Surgeries

I had a strange dream last night. Mr. Snowman had an accident and had to go in for facial reconstructive surgery.
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Interesting idea! :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Day 9 - Orange

Eeeehh. I couldn’t get it round enough. Not too happy with it.
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I love the snowman surgery haha. Maybe a snowman autopsy next?


Snowman Surgery looks great! It reminds me of the movie “Face Off” ehehe


justcallmeinsane - Thank you. Haha. Picturing a confused guy at the morgue staring into a bucket of pebbles and water, with a carrot floating in it :p.
POSEIdOON - Thank you :slight_smile:

Day 10 - Duroc boar

Drew a pig for my presentation next week.
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Cool, I like the simplicity yet everything is there :slight_smile:


A curious and well done design.:slight_smile:


Wow! They look awesome… my favorite is the snowman! I also think it is more like an autopsy than a surgery :wink:


Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Day 8 is my favorite) nice linework in your sketches.