LadyMedusa’s DrawCember sketchbook thread


Cute elf, cute tea cup (wut) and cute idea… Great execution. I love those sketches, they’re clear and straight to the point. And above all, charming and pretty… Good job ! :thumbsup:


Neat idea, your critique on her not reaching the bottom I didnt notice until you mentioned it. Im learning a bit on foreshortening since this started and sometimes we just have to trust what we dont see and therefore not draw. Our brains seem to be quite happy accepting the missing bits in our drawings.


She also probably used Sugar bath bomb! :smiley: Very nice sketch!


Really nice, with a couple of sugar cubes, it would be ready for any ogre to drink it :wink:


Hehe, the funny things that get invented for Christmas like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer or Mr. Bingle.
Never heard of Teodor. Sounds cute. Reminds me of Paddington.


Thank you everyone :slight_smile:
Mr. Bingle? Not familiar with him, hehe.
Sugar bath bomb in the tea bath is brilliant :p, not for the reasons GF said, haha. Although that could make for an interesting nightmareish continuation.
Get well soon everyone in POSEiDONs home :). Sometimes these things can be so stubborn.

I’ve been really busy today, putting all energy in my college term paper… Soo close to finishing that one and would love to be done by Christmas. I’ll make the two last entries tomorrow instead :). Now it’s time for bed here.


Good night :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see the next one!


Day 21 - Peeking

Two little ghosts peeking into Christmas presents.

Day 22 - Santa

It’s Santa!
#DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #CGSociety


Very good Valentina you did it!
Best wishes:applause:


Well done lady M! :slight_smile:


That Santa will never fit in this tiny chimney ! :eek:

Well done and congratulations on completing the challenge ! ^^
Happy holidays !


Yay you were able to finish, so happy for you :slight_smile:

I love the silhouette of Santa, and the peeking image made me laugh.


Very cute pics as always congratulations and have a lovely Holyday with your family and loved ones :smiley:


Congrats LadyMedusa! :smiley: Loved your sketchs it all ended up well and now we can all rest…
I hope to see more of your work in 2018. Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


You have a cuteness sense in your artwork’s world.

Protect these part of rarest gift in yours. It’s like a beautiful falling snows from your artwork that bring smiles to us.

Thank you for your kind words & supports~!

Merry Christmas~!


Congratulations! You did it! :slight_smile: Awesome!


what a sweet idea with the ghosts :smiley: i hope they didn’t reveal to anyone.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thank you for the cheering, i really needed it.
Wish you a lot of creative days and cool projects!


Congratz onc ompleting Valentina! Day 20 was my favorite from you!
Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas Valentina!:keenly:


Congratulations! The santa silhouette is great idea! I like it.
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! :slight_smile: