Lady Medusa's Sketchbook


Thanks :slight_smile:

Bear Berry

It’s the literal translation to the Norwegian word for blackberry.
My job requires me to learn illustrator, so here is an attempt I feel happy with (for the moment).


Dino Cheese Party

This is a project I started for the CG Challenge (topic being Dreamscape), that I later abandoned. I started working on it again, but I’d like some opinions before I go too far.


Worked a little more on it :slight_smile:
Don’t worry, I’ll make a pot bellied dino version. I realize that not everyone understands its part of the anatomy, and that also Tyrannosaurus girls looked that way.
Thinking about how stylized I want the girl. I want her to look correct none the less, just not necessarily realistic (as I’m not yet skilled enough for that, and feel like I’ve worked on this more than I should have)


I don’t believe there is such thing as working on something more than you should have
I think you should work on something as long as it takes and you enjoy doing it
I think it looks great and you should definitely finish it


I’ve decided to start the Rex image over :). I was considering working on it, but just couldn’t see were to take it. I mean seriously - that is not going to work that way. I have an idea for an angle that might work that puts an emphasis on the size of the dinosaur. I’m going to “place the camera” behind the girl so we see the back of her, and looking up at the massive size of the dinosaur maybe hiding the ape behind him in some plants :slight_smile:
I guess I just needed a little break.

Anyhow, this is a dog I just drew.

I tried to consider the depth a bit more than the fat cat. Don’t feel like I got it yet, but it did get better than the cat, right? (Know how you notice a lot of things that are wrong just when you’re about to post it? I also notice her eyes are a little asymmetric)
Didn’t really think about the anatomy of the little bulldog, so it’s most probably incredibly off. Just ignore that for now, but I would like comments. Mostly on the depth and the choice of colours.


New one I’m working on

A big beast and a little fairy playing a game of chess. Rough light and shadow sketch.


Cutting onion

An onion cutting himself.
I found this old doodle and decided to practice my illustrator skills :slight_smile:
Texture added in Photoshop though.


Banana Life



Ugh. Not sure if this can be saved, and I’m most probably going to cancel it, but I wanted to post it anyway. Trying to post what I do hoping it will encourage me to finish more works.
This was originally started for the Dreamscape CG challenge.

Gas Devil

Felt like doing some colouring :slight_smile:


One of the projects I’m working on :).
Medusa - WIP


Finished the Medusa. Crits are very welcome!
Tried to pose her arms like the hood on a cobra when it gets ready to strike.
Trying secondary light. Primary lights should probably have been more defined, and her face is just wonky, but I really tried this time.


I have also started really working on perspective. These are just for exercise. Not making anything proper with them, but its important that I do it non the less.
1 Point Perspective

2 Point Bridge

Yes. I know. The columns on the bridge are embarrassingly sloppy, and so are the “people”, but as I said, just for exercise.


This is what I’m working on now

Not all sure about the color choices. Particularly the pistachio guy’s colors.


Ok, I lost motivation for that project. There was nothing interesting about it.

I finally made some art again :D!
They’re not masterpieces, but I haven’t drawn in months and this gave me some kind of kick, so yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

I made the main ghosts from A Christmas Carol. I love that story :D!
Ghost of Christmas Past

Wanted to make it more waxy and candle-like.

Ghost of Christmas Present

Trying different materials :slight_smile: He’s bigger than the other two, and he’s jolly.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

He doesn’t speak, so he doesn’t have a mouth.


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