Lady Medusa's Sketchbook


Here I will be posting sketches, consepts and eventually speedpaints, and maybe other things :).

I made the following 4 consepts for a role-play game. Things didn’t work out and no contract was signed so I doubt I’ll get in any more trouble posting these here. I’d hate to see them go to waste.


I’m very pleased whit this hippo. I studied videos and pictures of hippos. Not happy with the legs though. He appears to have 3, but one of his hind-legs are supposed to be behind the other.


I studied some pictures found on google of swans. Not all to happy whit it.

Black Mamba:

I feel like it’s rushed. I’m happy wiht the mouth but not the rest :confused: Studied videos and pictures of it and found it challengy to get the colour in the mouth right.


Not at all happy with it. But I’m posting it anyway.

Comments and critiques are quite welcome :slight_smile:


The lion looks like it needs just a little more contrast by shading but the rest are just fine just so it can stand out off the page. Nice work.


Thank you :).

The creature for an upcoming piece.

This is just a really rough fleshed out sketch, just to get a bit more systematic feeling of how she’s put together. I wanted to make something spider-like, but more human or wraith-like. I’m going to go whit her mouth closed.

For the DSF on the Consept art. Subject being “The Cutest Dragon”.
Let me ask you guys one thing. Does stuff like this belong in a real portfolio?


Made for the Daily Sketch Forum. I seem to be semi obsessed with spiders :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll most probably abandon it.


Hey LadyMedusa, You’ve got some great stuff here. (Love the hippo btw). With the spider queen, Maybe you should try a darker base color therefore the pinks and purples you’re using will pop out a bit. If you want, maybe I can do a paintover to show you what i mean. Btw I’d love to see some of your rough work sketches, etc.


I’d love to see paint-overs :). Those usually help really well. But don’t take any offence if I don’t return to that project though.

I’ll try to post more rough sketches… this is the sketchbook after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol. None taken. I did a really rough paintover. Maybe this can get across what I was trying to explain. :slight_smile:


Oh my, that is really nice indeed :slight_smile:
That really made her skin pop


Made myself a new avatar today. Wanted to keep it really simple, but I still focusing on the hair.
I some times leave out noses when drawing for that comic-y style. I actually do have a really big nose :p. The plain blue background was mainly to make it more pleasant to work with. Looks well along my hair. Still took way long for a simple avatar though. 3-4 hours in Photoshop.


This took too much time to what it was worth, but I’m posting it anyway. Trying to break the habit of not posting things I’m not all that content with.

Made for the DSG 1605 - Sick Monster at

Photoshop CS5 + 4-5 hours


new stuff. Keep em coming. :slight_smile:


Little Deep Sea Mermaid.

The little mermaid, deep sea edition. She’s utterly obsessed with this prince she saw when she gazed upon the world above the sea and she sings the most beautiful tunes.

It took a bit long and I know it’s full of flaws, but it was so fun drawing that it doesn’t matter, and she did turn out charming. I’d still like to hear your comments and critiques though :smiley:

Photoshop CS 4. 2-3 days on and off, probably around 5-6 hours.
Work in progress for the curious :slight_smile:
I’m trying to make it a habit to save milestones, even for small, non-portfolio pieces like this one.


LadyMedusa- This is a big THANK YOU!! I havent done art in weeks due to “down feelings” and loss of faith. This Mermaid piece did it. It makes me want to go back and redo a mermaid piece I did a while back. It will be dedicated to YOU. You’ve just saved my craft and most importantly my soul. I hope you get EVERYTHING you want in life. Thank you and never stop.

-Gary Eugene Bedell

I’ll be redoing this one


And thank you for continously coming back. That is really encoraging for me :smiley:
I know exactly what kind of soul-wrecking art block you’re talking about, and it feels great that I helped get you out of that. hehe, now I have that warm fuzzy feeling inside :slight_smile:

Looking forwards to seeing your already great piece redone!


I love that little deep sea mermaid, she is really cute.
I think overall it would help you if you pushed your values a little bit.
I also like your cutest dragon, it looks like a fat kitty with wings and tail.
I think it would be a good portfolio piece if you worked a bit more on it. Like add a multiply layer and work more the shadows to better show the form.


Just felt like I should post this here as well

This is the character line-up for my hopefully upcoming comic, Swords and dagger.
People suggested I make one and there it is. I’m basing it on the partys adventures in the old game called “RealmZ”

From left to right:
Name: Tussock
Race: Pixie
Class: Sorcerer
I’m sure this little guy will prove to have some neat trick up his sleeve. He’s a bit direct.

Name: Bramblerose
Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue
She is kind of the leader of the group, even though she is the weakest. Starts out as kind of a wuss, but with determination.

Name: Aldo
Race: Cathoon
Class: Monk
He is curious, like Cathoons often are. A cathoon in a race that seems to be unique to Realmz. Its almost like a cat-bat with cat like behavior and more of a bat-like apperance

Name: Swydala
Race: Half Elf
Class: Fighter
She’s a bit tipsy. Shadow Elf on her fathers side and human on mothers side.

Name: Goran
Race: Human
Class: Priest
He is the healer of the group. That is supposed to be a mace in his hands.

Name: Eralo
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Berserker
Human on mothers side, Orc on fathers side. And although, he did not have a happy childhood, he has a heart of gold. He has a lazy eye, that is fixed to that position. He might be smarter than he looks.

Aldo and Eralo does have weapons, I just didn’t want them blocking their armor and forcing them in a pose that does not proberly show height. Aldo uses numb-chucks and Eralo has a battleaxe in case you were curious.


Pear House - sketch

I’m trying to get a grasp on composition. Its too “logical” for me and I find it rather difficult. Here I’m using the golden ratio. Still feels rather off :confused:


Welcome to Bywater

My first “public” comic :slight_smile:
I wasn’t sure whether to submit it or redo it. I notice that Bramblerose and Aldo probably should be sitting in front rather than behind on the horse. Bah. Something is better than nothing, right?

Please alert me of any typoes and grammatical error.
And I still want critiques. Just hit me as hard as you can. The lack of shading and sloppy color work are just laziness on my behalf, and shall be dealt with for the next one. Still not quite sure what is acceptable and what is not in the realm of comics.

Edit: Aah, photobucket re-sizes images. Here is the link for the fullview.


The Fat Cat

For the DSF. Topic being The Fat Cat.
This was fun. I really love persians and exotics :smiley:
Photoshop, around 20 minutes.


love this cute ilustrations