Lady Heroine


Very first time posting on CGTalk. Here is an almost complete character design piece that I have attempted with digital painting in Photoshop. May I have some comments on how I should improve: esp on the anatomy and perspectives… the colours and so on… thanks so much!! :slight_smile:


Good pic! But her right leg is too high for the looks a bit like she’s flying.
You should make it a bit longer.
The hair is great!!!



That is a good start, are you gonna do something with the background? I think she would fit in a dojo or some sorta training ground high up in the mountains with a sunset


Thanks bro! Point taken!


Really cool drawing from an interesting and difficult perspective. I’m not sure if her chest is too big or her head is too small. I’m not sure about those plates on her chest and would suggest either making them larger to cover an entire breast (think Xena Warrior Princess) or losing them altogether. Looks like a peekaboo top or nipple armor. (sorry if that sounds crude).


Yup. Good thing you have pointed this out. Stay tune for the new version!! :applause:


Reworked on the pose… 2 verisons. Hazhaz!


the images won’t load. is it just me? sorry if it is.


If you cannot see, you can clik on the above link…there could be transfer issue.
–don-- :slight_smile:


I like version 2b, she looks like shes in kick-ass possition. 2a looks like she would almost fall over.

So I got with 2b :thumbsup:
Nice work :applause:


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