Lady Frances Drake, Aly Fell (2D)


Title: Lady Frances Drake
Name: Aly Fell
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

This was completed about three months ago for a head to head challenge on another graphics site, so apologies if you’ve seen it before, but I’ve updated the image and played around with the colour balance. The theme was alternate historical timelines so this was based upon a fascist Elizabethan England with a female Frances Drake setting forth to do battle with the Armada. Just for fun ;). Crits and comments gratefully recieved. :slight_smile:

  • Very nice work. I always liked Zeppelins.
  • Reminds me of Sky Captain.
  • I only wish the image was a little higher res.


same thing about the hires quality, other than that it looks excellent… (it’s just it troubles me that she’s got the german luftwaffe sign on her necklace and a different armband that the nazis wore… )



BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the style and the attention given to the smallest details!!
Nice!! :bounce:


You know what I think of this :slight_smile:
I still can’t get over how wonderful the clothes are done


Beautiful! :thumbsup: The material of her clothes look amazing!


Amazing work! That outfit has got to be the most original and well designed I’ve ever seen. Superb detail and very creative concept. Keep it up!:slight_smile:


You have done a really good job there. The leather texture and the sword is extrodinary. :thumbsup:
Im looking forward for some more and welcome to CGtalk. :slight_smile:


YA SMASH!cool work!


I’ve seen this before. It still looks good. Good Job


One of my all time favs on the front page. I love the face and the shine on the boots. The knee kind of looks like it has a dent in it to me. Great piece.


That’s awfully good, it looks perfect, love the leather, i would love to paint something like this, it’s definately 5stars, Was there any 3D software assistance? i mean the boots just look too good. How old are you? One crit…i just noticed, the line separating the fur from the leather in the cape is not working compared to the rest of the piece, there should be some fur covering the lines i think. :bounce:


Brilliant work, old bean.


I am not really into that lether girl stuff :stuck_out_tongue: But this is a brilliant character design and a near perfect drawing of it.


wow …really cool … I like her cloth …and she is very sexy…
can you post a face close-up?
thx in adv


WOW ! your miss hitler rocks !


DAmn that leather looks great!! KUDOS!!!


Kyena - Thanks, again! And thanks folks for the welcome here. I’ve been around for ages, but this is my first post. I know it’s familiar to some… but this is after my alterations to it.

noelt - no 3D software assistance, and you are quite right about the fur. It was the only bit of the pic I did in Painter (the first time I used it), and I didn’t tie it up with the cape too well…

niki - I’ll try and sort out a face close up. :slight_smile:



CRASS!!! great work man


Absoloutlely brilliant work!
I dont normally praise frontpage posts much, but i felt i had to with this one!
Really nice pose, designs and excellent rendering. My only complaints are that there are perhaps too many airships in the background, and it could use some atmosphere like clouds, mist, sunlight, focus blur etc. It looks a tiny bit flat right now.

Great work either way!

Any chance of a huge res version?

Where do you work by the way, i noticed you come from derby. Not Circle studios by any chance?