Ladies Of London, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Hey, I missed that sketch! I’ll get right on it! I figured you wouldn’t do the background thing, since the characters embody the london essence anyway. As I said, just curious. :slight_smile:


good grief girl, you did it again. I have to admit I like the right girl more than the left. Although she has a pretty face, I don’t really like her make up. her dress is perfect, although that also goes for the right girl. I like the innocence and divine look of the right one. the close up of her face got me stunned.

also the left girl smokes. I just quit. :buttrock:


this is wonderfull !! the best pieces of art i’ve seen here i think …

got feelings like when i see à Goya painting …

i was already very impressed by your daily sketches but this is masterpieces




sweeet work!! I especially loved how you did the laces!! :love:
just curious: is this a PnP rpg?
now, if only there was a way I can get an email notification whenever you upload new art… :smiley:


Great work linda:thumbsup:


thanks for the inspiration…just today i was thinking of adding a similar image to a 3d project that i am designing and had found a photo that worked as reference…won’t be as detailed but will have a similar style///thanks


Delicate, powerful, precise, beautifully concieved. The level of mastery in your work, is as always breathtaking.

  • Gord


your stuff never seize to impress me. :buttrock:
i’m in love with the gal on the left~~ :love:



Both are amazing images. There is no critics to say about them actually :buttrock:


Excellent work … great realism … nothing to comment … its a masterpiece … Your way of detailing and your patience is amazing …


WOW, truly gifted and talented.

There is always something different to admire about your work and in these it would have to be the girls heh. Stunning work.

I can’t wait for your book to come out, any hints on when its due?

Keep inspiring us all…


HOLY CRAP. your so good its sickening. grrrrrrrr, lol. thats it your my new digital art idol. im gonna work to get myself up to your skill level.


WOW ! amazing. i cant say anything !:bounce: very good works :buttrock: Always love ur art works !:scream:


fantastic work…the one on the right reminds me of shannon doherty…in her earlier years


I’m just stunned every time I look at your work. There’s something so special about every single piece, so much to look at and enjoy. You have a rare talent. Truly inspirational! I really don’t know what to say…

Your Sound of Happiness painting is so gorgeous!


This is simple exellence! I not so long time follow to you creation,but at first sight any person can understand that here are real talent.I like you pallete and how you paint detail and skin/colours/.You work are perfect like always.But I not a big worshipper to constancy of choice of theme…I thing you can looking around and open into your creation new tops! My respect.


This is really really really beautiful work. As usual. I especially like the Madame Caramelle. Stunning work with the face of her.
I can totally imagine these ladies as a part of some odd murder mystery storyline :slight_smile:



lovely, although i would have wished a full clear view of the whole picture :stuck_out_tongue: (the dress gets blurry at the bottom)
but seriously, it’s really an awesome work. amazing.


Told you already - but I can’t help :slight_smile:

Just absolutely wonderful Linda. I am working on a bee right now - she also has those kind of black eyes but compared to your work they seem to totally lack the life you show in your characters.