Ladies Of London, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


Title: Ladies Of London
Name: Linda Bergkvist
Country: Sweden
Software: Photoshop

To the left - Madame Caramelle, to the right - Josephina
I’ve mostly been doing work for my book lately, but at the side, I’m doing designs for a roleplaying games campaign I’m doing for my friends and me. We’re just going to have tons of fun and play, the setting being London in the end of the nineteenth century and the game system being Call of Cthulhu.

I’m skipping the major monsters, though, this will be more like murder mystery stories with a supernatural tone to them. Unfortunately, I don?t have much time to write the storyline nor to sketch the non-player characters, but I recently finished two of the female characters involved (the two prettiest ones, those are always the easiest to paint and design, aren’t they?) Next, doing two of the male ones, and then two more female and two more male before I’m done with the character images for the campaign.

I’m wildly happy with the face on the left one, as I personally think it’s the prettiest face I’ve ever painted. As far as pictures go, I suppose they’re rather boring and without backgrounds, but look at them as what they are ’ portraits of characters :]

Photo references used for the hand on Madame Caramelle, and for the frills and folds on Josephina’s dress. Also, I studied a bunch of beautiful Asian girls to get the features right on Caramelle - also, her corset is based on one of my own corsets :]

I’m not at home right now but I’ll post a few close-ups when I get home. Enjoy!

(edit, accidentally wrote ‘eighteenth’ century, when I meant ‘nineteenth’… right around the time when Jack was sneaking along the streets of Whitechapel)


Wow! So beautiful… Thanks for the inspiration!


Stunning work Linda… if I’m not careful I’ll end up wibbling, but your skin tones are wonderfuly subtle and delicate as usual, and the attention to detail on the dresses is superb! Joy! Yup, I’m inspired too!


Excellent work as usual.



Inspiring as per usual…your work is so expressive and beautiful. No criticisms here! :slight_smile: What impresses me most about your work is the detail and the clarity. The expressions are bang on and help the veiwer get inside the character immediately.
Keep it up!


beautifully done…:slight_smile: .

waheed nasir.


I promised closeups, and here they are.

(I’m not even going to admit to how ridiculously long it took me to make the lace for this dress)

Jose Pardo – thank you <3

Poshspice – Whee, thanks :] I’ve become addicted to skintones lately.

SpeccySteve – Thanks :]

Elaeria – Thank you :slight_smile: I’m a total sucker for details. In some of my larger paintings, I take great glee in placing out little things, a frog on a rock, a bird in a tree, just because I get to work longer on the painting if I do…

waheednasir – Thank you kindly :slight_smile:



Last time I stared at a women like this she was hanging on the wall at the Metropolitian Museum of Art in NYC.

Wow. There is such a thing as love as first sight.


i can really tell you’ve been practicing skintones. your skin has always been amazing, but recently, esspecially with the red haired/green eyed girl you drew recently, there has been an astounding realizm and an amazing amount of color and detail in your skin that truely makes your pictures even more amazing than they already are.

the asian face is breathtaking, those eyes blow me away, esspecially those lashes. i love the tophat. the details on the dress on josephine, i honestly dont have any words, the patience amazes me to no end. thank you for the close ups! its always awesome to see your brush strokes :smiley:


Wow, at first glance it looks just like a photograph! CG Choice Gallery material!


You mean to tell me those women don’t exist ? There is no reference for their faces ? No reference for their expressions ?
I thought only nature could create such beauty…

And I usually hate photorealism, because it’s cold (even the hot elves witches are cold…). But you actually bring emotion to photorealism.

Rio Yeti - Frustrated 3D artist…


AVTPro – Aw, thank you. Not sure if I’d say this is art, though. It’s more like… a couple of illustrations. Me not trying to convey anything with this except their attitudes and looks, and the designs of their clothes.

naludai – Thank you :] I have been practicing skin tones like crazy… as for the realism of it, I’m actually trying to loosen that up. I’ve spent a LOT of time in the sketch forums at cgtalk trying to move away from my insane obsession with completing an image and removing every little brush stroke from the finished result. Stuff like this is what’s come out of that -
a tarot card
a little fairy (nudity)
Audrey Hepburn
It’s been SO much fun and I’ve learned so much. I love the people there :]

NauticaC – Thanks :] But, man, I thought these would at least be obvious paintings, what with the extremely soft skins, way too large eyes and somewhat silly designs, heheh.

Rio Yeti – Ha ha, cruel world, innit? Truth to be told, like I said, I looked at a lot of photos of Asian women for Madame Caramelle, since I’ve not really painted that kind of eyes before, but no… it’s not based on a real person, so I doubt she (or the other girl) exists. Lighting schemes are as usually based on yours truly, but I don’t look anything like that (sigh).


I love it!THe fleck and naevus can be even seen.


Wow Enyala, that’s amazing work.

There is just something about those faces that puts me in a trance. However long it took, it was sure work it. I’m just not sure what the blurred feather/wire things are behind the hat. Are they part of it or a shadow?


You have no idea ! :slight_smile:


Super-duper :love:
Pure Perfection…
Deserves Expose frontpage …


Im quite new to this, but ive looked at your site longer than any other, admired your paintings more than any other and these paintings are my favourite of yours!! everything about them is spot on, and i agree with the prettiest face! shes amazing! no more words…cant speak… just wanna look!

great work

i wanna paint like u one day :slight_smile:


Good gracious! Your character work is somehow steadily improving, if that’s physically possible. When are you coming back to the DSG?:slight_smile:

Particularly impressive is the lacework you’ve done. As always, more tutorials from you would be a godsend.

The intrigued look on the smoking lady is captivating.

EDIT: Forgot to ask… are you going to add londonesque backgrounds to these, or do you think that would distract from the overall mood of the pieces? Just curious. The impact of the characters alone is enough to project an incredible vibe.


EscaflowneLY – Darn, English not being my first language thwarts me again! I didn’t have the slightest clue of what ‘naevus’ was until I looked it up. ashamed Thank you kindly, though! I’ve been working a little on skin textures lately.

sphere – Thanks :] I wanted them to be enrapturing. The third gal I want to draw isn’t proving very cooperative, though. She’s a blonde, and has a much sterner look to her - I suck at painting blonde hair to begin with… it’s turning out to be sooo hard. As for the little black thingies in the hat - don’t ask me. That’s one of those things I decided to take artistic license on: I just thought it looked neat.

Psan – aw, thank you <3 ( I didn’t submit anything to Exposé this year :frowning: All my best work is for my own book, can’t show it yet, wail!)

Dannyniccy – Wow, I’m flattered :] And, hey, I’m sure you can. It’s just a matter of a lot of training. I’ve got a looong way to go, myself.

erilaz – heeh, a fellow DSG artist! If you look in the ‘happy sound’ thread back there, I’ve already rejoined you guys! grin Thank you tons, and… well, no. I won’t add any backgrounds to any of the portraits for the campaign: mainly because they’re supposed to be only character portraits and the mood of London will be more than darkly submitted by the way I’m going to tell the story. Heeh, my poor player group rubs hands


Yep, it does look neat! I think it helps with balancing out the image in that corner anyway. I can’t stop looking at them, lol. The one on the right looks familiar.