Label is not properly assigned to its polygon/face


I have been using this model of a fire extinguisher as learning practice. The original is fine, done in SolidWorks. As you can see, the top holding ring and the brand label look perfect:

I imported it into SolidWorks. The label did not make it, so I am attempting to apply it myself.

At this point, I am concerned about assigning the label, since I have had this problem several times.

Due to my lack of experience with 3D I have assumed -probably incorrectly- that all I need is a label of the proper dimensions and that’s it. See below the steps I took and how the label is replicated multiple times, sideways:

What I did was “Get Material from Select” and this is how the device looks like:




This problem is due the UV coordinates of the label object. You can apply a “UVW Xform” modifier to it to adjust it’s rotation and scale for an easy solution, for better control of the UV coordinates you could use “Unwrap UVW” modifier.

I recommend you to check some tutorials about UV mapping in 3dsMax :slight_smile:


That is good advice, but I am also looking for multi-platform techniques. I am trying to learn the fundamentals, not only the approaches of one particular application.

IOW: if you folks know of other tools to “repair” UV mapping, feel free to jump in




as Codi mentioned, unwrap is your best option if you want a a cross-application method. If its unwrapped properly all 3d applications can read the data of the texture mapping. If its not unwrapped correctly in the model it will not look right in any software (or if the unwrap data is lost).


UV mapping is pretty common in most 3D modelling packages.

If you understand how it works in 3dsMax you have half the job done to apply the same concept in Maya, Blender, Modo… It’s basically laying the 3D surface polygons on top of a 2D image.


Great advice! Finally…

I selected 270 degrees and finally my label is upright.

Next, I will be dealing with the multiple replications issue.



ps: Don’t go too far, Cody. :slight_smile:


Now you only need to play with Tile and Offset U and V values.

“UVW Xform” is an utility that hides most of the details of how UV Mapping works, a convenient way to fix some mapping problems. But, if your goal is to learn how things really work, check “Unwrap UVW” :slight_smile: