La Vouyeuse, Cris de Lara (2D)


Title: La Vouyeuse
Name: Cris de Lara
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

This scene has also a touch of humor, because someone is watching over someone. Who is the real voyeur?
Everybody, in any situation has already wished to watch over somebody that was really interesting, no bad or even indecent thoughts, no privacy invasion, but just that moment to catch the beauty, the opportunity to see someone that will never be forgotten. The girl or boy next door.
To make our conception in a pinup according to our parameters we added a touch of humor.
Our sexy and beautiful painter knows that she is been watched, but in order to get her unique piece of art she is playing a game in which she, actually, is watching the voyeur and she also knows that we are watching her.
We hope you like it.


funny, sweet, sexy, great work!


Thanks a lot for your reply in this Thread. :slight_smile:


lovely! :slight_smile:


She is so lovely!

But I’m not sure that the embroidery over the illustration should be necessary…

Keep it up!:wink:


Nice work. It’s like a comical Victoria Secret’s ad. he he. She’s a little too golden in skin tone, maybe you can try experimenting with with tints of colors for values and shadows on the body. This tone feels like a warm wall tone for some reason. The upper legs are a little too short and the right one narrows too much at the knee, but the rest looks ok for this style.

She’s very expressive, and I love the whole idea behind this piece. She’s not a bad painter apparently (hehe). A little heavy on the curls on top, but the hair and curls themselves look nice. I like how her lips pucker together like that. It came out well. The underwear and such look really good, like something being modeled for a catalog. Well, in this case, I guess that’s one way to get your subject to hold still and pose (snicker). Very nice overall. Great idea. Keep it up. Great job.


Beautiful work, Cris. I am a huge fan of your work. Your painting expertise is a great inspiration. Can’t say I don’t like how sexy the majority of your work is as well. :slight_smile:


linainverse23 , well I really dont agree with some points of your evaluation. But anyway I thank you very very much for your time and your post!
To get returns it’s a great incentive and means to much for the artists.

Thank you too disposition, Penruz and AMChavez.


Sexy and beautiful. Good job Cris! :applause:


Very good pinup :slight_smile:


Very well done :thumbsup:


Tomozuki, Thank you!!
PapaNinja, wow…I am a biiiiiig fan of your job! Thanks!!


Very clever Cris. I love the perspective. What I’m really wondering is how she can paint such a good likeness without being noticed by the guy. :smiley: Can’t wait for the next one.


Hahaha! Good!! WyattHarris!
But it’s a secret!!! hahaha!


very cute!i love it


perfect art
i like it too much


Superb as ever…great work from you again cris…


Cris, your conception is unique, inteligent, funny and perfect! Congratulation!


Simply stunning work here :drool: I love the warmth of theis piece, and I adore your style. This has everything, it’s funny, sexy, cute all at the same time (like a great pin up should be!) Oh, and the girl is just gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more from you. :slight_smile:


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