La Tristesse, Kirstin Heldt (3D)


Title: La Tristesse
Name: Kirstin Heldt
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D

started few weeks ago with C4D , cause i wanted to have more liberty in creating my Art…My modeling skill is very beginner ,but i allready fell in love with .
In this piece i tryed out very base modeling and lights.
The room is made in simple way after poke my nose in few Tutorials . Played arround with light and learned the settingsThe weelchair is not my model , its a freebie from Rendo.
This image contains no postwork , exept frame , sig and title.

Feedback more then welcome :slight_smile:


Nice volume light mr


Firstly-HEY! Welcome! :wavey:

Secondly-I’ve never used this program, my computer won’t support it.

The lighting is very well done; I see the room as absolutely empty but for that chair (Do you have the download link?! :wink: ) and quite a bit of dust. Very lonely, very alone-if that is the emotive quality you are going after. Perfect!

The wall textures-did you make those from scratch or was it a shader/brush? I’m curious about how the room was made. XD Call me Kurious Kat, g’ahead.

I don’t think I’d add anything else prop-wise to this. It’s enough, in my opinion, on its own.

Nicely done.


Hey Dar :slight_smile:

The room texture for the room was a free Photoresource from CG textures.
I used a decay Concrete for the walls.The pipes and sticks for the window is a rusted , seemless texture made by myself in photoshop. Same with the texture for the Pebbles .
For that i am a beginner in C4d i was looking through different Tutorials , and worked them out … one of them was a room tutorial , which made room from splines .
Maybe not the easyest way for beginner but it fascinated me and i had to try . well droped the room few times at start, but at the End i finaly made it .


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