La Main des Maîtres - French student short film


Hello there !

I wanted to introduce my student short film, La Main des Maîtres, co-directed with two friends of mine.

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Hope you’ll enjoy it ! Feel free to comment :wink:


Wow, just… wow. Insanely beautifull.


very cool looks like asian movies cool combination 2d and 3d I like it
Keep it


Stunning job, beautifull short, really love the ambience, the warmfull colors and the attention to details… bravo les gars :applause: :buttrock:


Thank you for your comments !
Some stills & goodies of the movie :

[left]More here :

For the french readers, you can get a peek at our interview on 3DVF :

Hope you’ll enjoy it :wink:


WOWWW. This is really super beautiful! Everything is working and the integration is just superb!

I can watch a whole film made like that :smiley:



fantastic work!


This is insane, great work, congratulations!!! And nice interview :applause:


Great animation. Posted here:


Loved it! well done to you and you’re team. My only critique is that the story was too big for such a short film ! I would love to see 20-30 minutes of this.

Amazing stuff guys congrats.


Fantastic work! I have to say that French animation never fails to impress me.


Thank you everybody! :love:

Stryker > I wanted to send a mail to 3DM3… you were faster. Thank you for this!

LukeRandall & liquidik > We wanted to make a whole film… but 90 minutes of animation in one year for three people was a little difficult for us. We are crazy but not enough ;p It would be nice to take this short film and make a feature film with a full story and everything…
But we have to wait to know if people like the project and if some of them want to help us in such crazy adventure.
We’ll see, to be continued…


Congratulations,the concept art is very interesting and the moviments reminded the Akira, hauahuahau!

Very good!


Sweet jebus, that was good!

Could you talk to us a bit about the production?


Thanks for that.

That’s how animation is used properly as an artform - great, great work.


Wonderful French Anime look and VERY French feeling story! I loved it- so when does the movie deal get signed?


That`s was amazing! Beautiful!!!

I would love to see some making of, those sweet lookin rigs in action! :slight_smile:

Stunnin work, congratulations.

Im a bit confused tho, cuz Im not sure which characters were 2d, and which 3d. There were 2d chars, riiiiiight? :open_mouth:


Excellent work, very very beautiful.
I especially liked the warm atmosphere and fluid movements, very well done ! The music and images work very well together !

Félicitations !


It’s very beautiful. I like this style a lot so I am in for watching this as a movie too :slight_smile:

I have a question, was there any particular reason you did animation in 3D? Eventually you wanted it to look like 2d.


I just have to repeat everything else that has been said. This is such a beautiful short, and the animation is just perfect. Great job! I am very very impressed!