"La Espera" (waiting), Sonia Verdu (2D)


Title: “La Espera” (waiting)
Name: Sonia Verdu
Country: España
Software: Photoshop

This was a quick painting with free brushstrokes. I wanted to portray a sad woman waiting for someone.
So I used dark colors and low saturated.
I created this work using Photoshop. I used my own hand as a refference as for this work, and on this occasion the sad sight of a photograph.

Comments and constructive crits welcome!


nice sense of subtle emotion here with the color palette and the stark composition. I like:)



I like the use of the subtle colors you use to focus in on the pensive gaze. Very nice.


Yeah! great piece! the face is beautiful

P.D.: Que tal verdu! una sorpresa verte por aqui! ya no te pasas por 3d Poder? un saludo


I love the sketchy quality of her form and the background. It almost as a Luis Royo feel to it. the atmosphere is great, and the firgure is believable.


Definitely Espana produces the best illustrators.Here is the alive proof. Well done!!!


Good character. It looks like she is in a court room of some kind.


Thanks alot for the comments… How nice words!

Pd. (Vasilis-Kun) Hace poquito he descubierto este lugar y por aqui ando, pero no me olvido de 3dpoder! Prometo pasarme prontito, que es un foro que me encanta :beer:


Sad and Spooky

Lovely painting


Very nice emotion conveyed. good work


beautiful face, and i love the expression in her eyes. this is art! looking forward to seeing other works of yours!


Sonia, this is really sweet paint. Love the look on her face.



Wonderful style Sonia.i like the spontaneous brush work a lot.keep up the good work.







Hi, Sonia
Nice painting
Her face is beautiful, the atmosphere is really interesting and the loose brush stroke work is a point that give the painting a personality. :scream:



Perfect work!


i just love it lovely work :thumbsup:


very nice work and a beautiful lady…:).


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