La espera, Jorge Suarez (3D)


Title: La espera
Name: Jorge Suarez
Country: Argentina
Software: Lightwave 3D

This is my last personal project. Was created using Lightwave 9.6.
It has the latest technology nodes (FAST SKIN) that incorporates LW is the latest versions of software. Congratulations from now on Newtek progress.
Also uses fiver FX for the hair although I still need to improve the application.
The system is a native rendering, global light (Final Gather)
Modeling the clothes and the chair is composed of high-resolution textures. In this case it was entirely modeled in LW, because Displacement nodes as possible to achieve what I wanted without having to use other software such as Mudbox.
As for the tabs using polygons SUBPATCH.
Finally add some noise in postproduction, blur and Chromatic Aberration for realism.

Well, I hope you enjoy and can criticize without problems.
Greetings from Argentina.


very good :slight_smile:


fantastic work, this is exemplary for every Lightwaver !! Very well done :slight_smile:


Ha! This is one cute kid! Great job! This is almost photorealistic. Maybe just a bit more sss, especially the ear.


nice model and render )


Absolutely amazing work, his hair and eyes are very well done… My only crit is that there should be some overlapping creases and folds around the nose and cheek area to simulate baby fat of some sort… But thats a matter of taste; keep up the inspiring work!


That is really great work, good job! If you could maybe create more contrast and shadow, it would be even better, but even now its fantastic.


front page material
grt job
just i want to ask abt ur color texture map ? did u paint or u use real photos?
if u paint it , can u plz give me some tips!


Great job dude… its a realy nice work…

I cant see any problems…




OMG! that look so real! dude that is amazing! :bowdown:


That’s all I have to say, wow.



  • Ty


really really very good work he is real boy very x-lant work meby more work by the skin i think ok

good luck 4 ever :beer:


wow… great work. i like the skin… :slight_smile:


Great WORK, Creatin chaild wery hard, COOL MAN :beer:


rendering and modeling very nice… good work!


amazing work :thumbsup:


wow, really nice model & rendering man~!
The only critic is the skin material, coz baby’ skin shld be more SSS, especially the eye, lip and ear part. Lip more specular might more cute~!:thumbsup: Voted


Cute child and great rendering :thumbsup:

Nothing to crit about the realism of the rendering itself, that looks very realistic .

I think the shot just alck contrast .

Other than that very great work :slight_smile: !


great work man! :thumbsup: