La Créature Du Doc Frankenstein, Visionmaster (3D)


hi, its an image made with 3dsmax5 and Brazil 1.0


WOW the texture and lighting are great! could you post a wireframe? I am curious to see how (if at all) you modeled the scars/deformation, or if they are only part of the texture.


great modeling/texturing/lighting/idea…seriously man…nice, just think that u could work some more on the screws material and that´s it


Bloody hell, ca déboite :buttrock:

je peux savoir ou tu bosses? si tu me dis que tu livres des pizzas je ne te crois pas … :slight_smile:

en tout cas ,encore bravo chef,… :beer:


Holy toledo… I saw that thing on the banner and thought to myself ‘wow, what a dramatic and interesting photo… waitaminute what am I saying-- I’m browsing CGtalk!!!’

Something about the eye shading isn’t quite right, the whites of the eyes are too isolated from the darkness around them… and the ears seem a bit too simplified, though it’s hard to tell from this angle. That’s about all I can pick out… yeesh, is that ever a magnificent characterization of the Monster…


That’s great, i really like the colors and the whole mood of this image. I agree about the “great modeling/texturing/lighting/idea” =)

If I’d change anything, it’s be the size of the neck bolts (a bit bigger), but that’s only preference.


wow, that’s pretty good. Nice job. What was your reference?



Superb work.

The only thing that kinda lets it down a bit is the bolt on the neck - the model could haven had a little more detail, and less sharp edges, as well as a nicer texture, but otherwise it’s a fantastic piece!

The model is really great - the expression and the actual facial features are really cool, particularly because his facial features are very unique - this certainly is a very authentic looking model.

I also really like the fact that he is not looking at the camera.


o my god this is so impressive!! when i saw it i thought it was a real picture!! Damn this is some fine piece of modelwork!! I agree about the bolt though, definitely needs more detail, perhaps it needs to be a bit "beefier’, but damn…this is so incredibly real!!

A wonderful work of art!


thats pretty cool. Have you used the skin shader (brazil 1.0.14)? if you didn’t, i’d love to see it with it… the subdermal and deep scattering with it could really give it some oomph (i’ve only seen the skin shader used on normal smooth skin up to now :slight_smile: (well, except that hairy “sphere” i’ve seen around…)


nice moody image and what refracted said

refracted:(well, except that hairy “sphere” i’ve seen around…)



Nice!! was this from that book, or did it help you?


Awsome work there… thought i was looking at a photograph :wink: nice work there.

Could ya post a wireframe please… would love to see it :wink:

Only critique is the ears seem simple, and the bolts look too simple too.

Love the eyes, and the lighting :smiley: :smiley:


c’est suberbe, les textures et l’éclairage sont de toutes beautés. si tu pouvais décrire un peu comment t’as fais ?:thumbsup:




definitely a 5 stars one!!!

BTW I tell you that your image and another Cartoon Frankestein I could see days ago here have impressed me so much that I’m going to make my own Frankie!!! :slight_smile:


Franchement trop beau on dirais une photo!! :slight_smile:


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

looks great!



Wow, this is realyl awesome. It is not onyl well done from a technical point of view but also mood and image- composition are great as well… As Leigh already said, I too like the fact that his eyes “avoid” the camera…


That image fooled me. When I saw the plug, I thought “oh, that’s a nice Photoshop painting”, but then I was suprised to find that it was 3D.

Nice job!!

This image makes me want to watch the film"Monster Squad". If you’ve never seen it, check it out.