la belle dame sans merci - "the beautiful lady without pity"


I started a fun piece spoofing JW Waterhouse’s “La Belle Dame Sans Merci.” It is going to be set in the future, with the knight dressed in a paintball mask hehe. Here is the original:

And here mine is after a few hours of work, with some close-ups of the face and armor. I realize the pose is not entirely the same, but that’s ok with me.

and sorry for crappy quality of jpgs…

edit: oh btw…she’s on a spaceshipish thing


and my refs. btw, the story has to do with a woman who tricks knights, it’s based on a Keats poem I believe.


I like the spin you are taking on this project, by going all modern with the age old poem.

Would be interesting to see the outcome.

Is this 2d only, or are you gonna go all the way?

Either way , good luck!:thumbsup:


not sure what you mean…i may make the background (there will probably be a sky battle going on) in 3dsmax, at least the ships…but the rest will probably be 2d…I am doing this in Painter with oils.

a little update, i decided to throw her hair back b/c it was unnatural falling like that…added a tattoo to match the original heart patch on her dress…added some hair detail, and blocked in the ship colors - think stormtrooper color/material! hehe shiny b/w crap…

the tattoo’s colors seem too bright, perhaps? it draws the eye away?


Looking good so far, I want to know how to do these thumbs :slight_smile:

Watch your anatomy, something in the girl’s arm doesn’t seem right to me but I can’t tell what it is in the zoomed in drawing…


i think it may have to do with the fact she’s hunched over, it’s clearer in the uncolored sketch

i may have to reveal more of the shoulder and back to get that across


dunno why there’s a grey line surrounding the guy’s head…i had scaled it, so i guess that would be why…but it doesn’t show up on the normal sized copy. oh well

i started to do a halo helmet for fun but decided it was too bulky. fixed the girl’s hair a little to match the original. any tips on coloring metal? i’m pretty bad at that kind of stuff.

critiques are welcome as always.


this is going to be a great piece…keep on working!!


paintball helmets always remind me of the “master chief” from Halo.

I cant wait to see it done.


a small update, still need to do some armor shading and details, etc. plus background…i’m thinking a battle with aerial view of the ground (you know, like gridded land, like when you’re on a plane looking down)


if the final images comes out as i think…it’ll take a CG choice award for sure


thanks, i’m in the process of doing the bg right now and it’s good to know someone believes in me :stuck_out_tongue:

in the meantime i have to finish a diptych, here is the left side so far


hey good work :slight_smile: keep it up :thumbsup:


Hi hpslashluvr,

Good job!! :thumbsup:

What the tecnic, what the software?

The flowers in the hair is bad, but it’s is only a detail…




thanks, yeah, i just put blobs for the flowers in the hair so far, there will be more detail

i use painter 8


I really like your work.
I’m just curious what res you generally at?


Thanks, btw anyone, please comment also on my self portrait here.

I usually work around 10x12 to 12x18 at 300 DPI or whatever it’s called…I usually have to print these out so I heard that’s a good rez…but it does slow down the comp.


love it! :thumbsup:


Any chance you have some updates for us on your version of “La Belle Dame sans merci”? I absolutely love your take on it and can’t wait to see more!

Your self portrait is coming along really well too! Keep it up!


i have worked on the la belle dame piece but it still sucks, it’s not worth posting an update

i worked some on the other piece, i know the cabinet doors are not even but it doesn’t matter to me right now…haven’t worked on much except coloring those (which took forever b/c the file is huge and i’ve got a real pain of a lag). btw tinitus, love your work :wink: i do 3d too but not in a while.