L Pass Manager Beta Released!


Hey Everyone!

            [L Pass Manager](http://www.lukashi.com/LPM.php) is a pass manager I created for (3ds Max 9 SP2 and above) as a personal maxscript project. It was primarily inspired by [Vanilla Pass Manager](http://www.vanilla-seed.com/), [RPManager](http://rpmanager.com/) and [XSI](http://www.softimage.com/)'s Pass Mananger.                      To learn its capabilities and how to install it, please check out the [Video Tutorial](http://www.lukashi.com/files/LPM_Videos/LPM.html)
         Note this is still beta so please let me know if you run across bugs! 

L Pass Mananger Features[/b]

            --All the following can be controlled per pass!
            [] Unlimitted number of object Sets (Controlled by a picker, named selection set, layer group, or wildcard)
                -renderable override
                -cast shadows override
                -receive shadows override
                -visible to camera override
                -Visible to reflect/refract override
                -motion blur override
                -apply atmosphereics override
                -render Occluded objects override
                -material override
                -support for particle flow
            [] Unlimitted number of light Sets (Controlled by a picker, named selection set, layer group, or wildcard)
                -On/Off override
                -cast shadows override
                -Color override
            [] Common Properties Override
                --Frame range
                --Common properties options(Atmospherics, Effects, ..., Super Black)
                --Advanced Lighting
                --File Type
                --Pre Script
                --Post Scriot
            [] Renderer override (Scanline, Mental Ray, Vray and other 3rd party)
                --Override all settings of the renderer(Antialising filters, GI settings, enviroment maps etc)
                --Uses standard 3ds max menu
            [] BackGround Override
                --Background Color / Map
                --Global Lighting (tint/Level)
            [] Render Elements Override
                --Choice of which render elements are active
            [] Atmospheres Override
                --Choice of which Atmostpheres are active
            [] Effects Override
                --Choice of which effects are active
      [b]Additional Features[/b]
            -Load / Save Presets (Installs with a quick Ambient occlusion preset, and a quick object mask preset)
            -Pass per light -(Automatically generates a pass per light)
            -Pass per layer -(Automatically generates a pass per layer)
            -Network rendering using backburner
            -Colored Object Sets(For view which objects belong to the which group)
            -Hide non renderable(Ability to hide object sets that are set to not renderable)
            -Copy and Paste/Paste for all properties
    Important Note
    [/b]Users of 3ds max 9.0 should install Service Pack 2 if they plan on using this script and biped.  There is a bug in biped that causes max file corruption if a preset is loaded when using biped in the original 3ds max 9 and in 3ds max 9 extension 1.  
    This bug is fixed in 3ds max 9.0 SP2, max 2008, and max 2009.
  Thread link:[http://discussion.autodesk.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5516562](http://discussion.autodesk.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5516562)


See website for latest Updates!


Looks fantastic - I’m assuming you can somehow submit sequences / passes via the normal route once they’ve been set up with this tool?



This is really great… I’m working on a render pass manager as well, but it looks like you beat me to the punch :slight_smile: Maybe we can compare notes sometime? (unless this is meant to be a commercial product, in which case I wouldn’t dare ask you to reveal your secrets!)

Looking good!


Steveblake, do you mean submit to a network render for backburner?
To do this you just go to the render dialog (LPM->render->render dialog) and hit net render.

Cool Jon! This is not going to be commercial, feel free to take a look at the code (I havent put too many comments on it yet but I plan on it in the near future). Also you can IM me if on AOL if you want (lukashi999)
Definetly go with making the pass manager it is a great learning experience!



Nice work, thanks for sharing


Hi Lukashi,

I haven’t tried your plugin yet, but I want to thank you very much in advance. I’ve been looking for a good render pass manager, but the once I know are priced too high. So I’m going to give yours a shot this week and will let you know what I think.

Thanks for sharing!


Wow, man, really fantastic, i saw all videos, and this its great great stuff!!!:bowdown:

Its like commercial products, but, better, and free !!:scream:

Thanks for sharing, i love this pass manger!! Fantastic:bounce:


Thanks Pen!

Ferdi-Willemse, haha that was my thinking too, I like some of those other pass managers but they are expensive, also I wanted to really push my maxscripting so I took this on as a project! I think you will be pleased with the features be sure to check out the videos!

radeon3d Fantastic!! As you use it let me know if you want any more features or if you run into problems do let me know!


sweetness. thanks for posting this!



Haven’t played yet but I did watch the videos and this seems to be an awesome tool so thank you VERY MUCH for this :slight_smile:



great work, dude!


This looks great - coming from XSI it’s quite familiar and even a bit more powerful with that layer and wildcard stuff.


do you plan on adding the ability to overide vray properties? had a quick go and could’nt see any.

thanks and much appreciated.


bitterdregs, did you take the time to watch the video? It shows how to change render settings, for scanline, mr, and vray.



Thanks for the replies!

Haha yes you can override vray render properties,

You cannot however override vray OBJECT properties at the moment, the only way to do that is via pre / post script. I am in the process of making an advanced tutotial covering pre/post scripts for use with particle flow and others applications.

UPDATE: The Above is no longer true
–V0.81 Vray Properties/User Properties are now supported


pixel monkey im talking about Vray Object Properties not changing between renderers.

EDIT: ah, thanks Lukash, look forward to seeing those.

i guess i could have duplicates of the same object per pass with diiferent vray properties and hide unhide them if i really needed.


Bitterdregs, Copying or instancing the nodes is definetly the most straightforward way to do it. Especially if you put the copied nodes on a new layer (or named set).

The maxscript method works it does require some maxscript experience.


Lukashi, have you tried contacting vlado or someone else at chaosgroup about accessing the vray object properties by maxscript?



It is possible, the vray object properties are easy to access via maxscript, they are simply put in the user defined properties.

For example:

getUserProp $ “VRay_GI_GenerateMultipier”

will return the Vray GI multiplier for the selected object.