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WIP’s and speedpaints by Jan Mark Boekestein aka JM / jmBoekestein, and occasionally ‘JM says:’

Decided to create a ‘new’ thread, since my last one has practically every link broken. I’ll be putting up WIP’s in order to hopefully get some feedback. And I’ll probably put stuff I paint on a general bases in here.

I feel obliged to put a little
nudity warning
in here, since you can never know who’s watching.

Otherwise hope to be making a lot of new pics soon, have to get myself resettled first but then it should roll on ahead.

A little background info for the curious…
I’ve been getting serious with the painting affair, so all critique most welcome. Been at it for about 3/4 of a year. But I’m making progress enough I feel, could be faster but not sure how much discipline I could acquire.
I’m currently practicing on greyscales without colour. I Hope to understand more about general light behavior, without getting distracted. Colouring is, however, on my shortlist. Along with landscapes and ‘effects’ experimentation. I do want to keep things realistic but I tend to enjoy to stretch some elements, for instance fog or a halo of bouncing light. Ah well, just getting on with it before I jammer anyone to death


Yay! More paintings from Jan-Mark! :smiley:


Thanks you :slight_smile:

Ok, after seeing beaux’s girl on bear, I remembered a really cool comic. It had horned humanoids and a lot of fantasy stuff. I kinda figured since I got a thing with humans living with beasts or just a higher nature, I should go ahead and try.

Been fidgetting with the lighting for hours so any advice is very welcome. Can’t get my head around it. Also can’t figure out why I can’t paint the head on right. SHe’ll be riding a gargantuous bull type creature. :slight_smile:

edit: quickly changed the arm and some contrasting issues… :blush:


i have made some rough changes to yor sketch.
When i cant find the words to explaine i draw, i hope its ok… otherwise il stop.

Hope this helps though


I see what you mean, the intent however is not to add too much specularity, the lighting you see in above picture is only some moon and starlight, very minimal. SHininess will be added later on.

Good point though, I’m going to try and define the lighting better. :slight_smile:


It wasent really ment to be specular.
But it turned out to be a kind of cool effect.


Otherwise i really like the suttle effect of the light, i understand how hard and time consuming it must be to not over do it and get that ambient effect, really cool


Hahah thanks! And thanks for taking the time to help :D. Not common lately.

I think if you press f5 you can see the new version, force it to reload. I think you got my old image still in cache, renewed once.

Wait till you see her eyes. I’ll hopefully manage a gaze to break the cries of wolves. :slight_smile:



Just one thing i noticed now, isent she very tall in proportion to the rest of her bodie.
From thre top of her brests to where the neck begins?

i think thats why the head is so hard to do.



Thanks again, you’re right I think. I tend to do that when I want them to look more ‘natural’, I just think it’s more scary to see a somewhat matured wild woman. Instinct stuff, heheh.

Ok so far this is all I got, been distracted and started too late this evening. And, in fact, I forgot to buy more coffee. Crap… :banghead:



With the arm, I think you need to define the bend. Sharper edges, and the forearm needs to have a straighter edge and a bit darker than ther upper arm so it doesn’t look like it’s bending outwards.

The Chest, it’s really good that you didn’t make her look like she’s miss implants but that dark line in the middle looks a little off… maybe too long and dark. You might want to adjust the alignment of the bottom part to suit the angle of the shoulders too…or adjust the shoulders :slight_smile:

Lastly I love how you did the mouth :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the pointers Frostblade, I now realise it’s too early in on this image to be posting it. But I just get panicked at times. hahahah… back to work now. Her chest will be more readable, it’s a tough part. I’m going for the sixties style non wonder bra wilderness woman, just ‘plump’ enough to obscure her muscles. I imagine that’s how a ‘femme sauvage’ would be.



For the soul gratification of trying different faces and angles for her head (and some booze) I’ve been working all night. I do like the head in close up, but just think the whole looks off.

Waddah yah say, any critique. It’s most welcome…


ok, now you have killed the boob… it looks looks bit strange…
something to do with the rib cage shape and nipples pointing in different directions. Maybe you should paint the arm on a different layer to turn it off to make sure what is under it looks right.

the face is looking real nice… maybe just a bit more constast inside the parted lips :slight_smile:


Yes now its coming together nicely. The heads good, it has personality


You think? Well I was tipsy, could be…
I’ll check in an hour, lol.

Thanks again peeps!!!


I think you were right, changed it a bit, and added a lower leg, I want to get started on the rest now, so I can get some image dynamics going, see if it’ll work. :slight_smile:

This foot really drove me over the edge, never draw these.



Mouu, I haven’t been here for ages so didn’t know you started a new thread. Shall alter subscriptions accordingly :slight_smile: Cheers~

I really like the subtle tones on the face, it looks awesome~!


Hey hey!!! Nice to see you back! Thanks for keeping an eye out :). And for the compliment, to be honest I was trying to tweek the face just now :blush:, I have the distinct feeling the lighting is different than on the rest of her, it shoould come more from the left. Now I’ll wait (thankfully) untill some hair’s in there… :slight_smile:


Jim I think this is really really good. I can’t wait to see the rest of this piece :slight_smile: I love her expression. You don’t want to mess with this woman.