Kyuketsuki - DSketchbook - SpeedPaints


I decided to start my own sketchbook thread.
I figure that if I know people are watching this thread it will force me to produce.
I do the vast bulk of my work in an actual paper sketchbook so only the very small portion that is done digitally will be posted here with a small sampling of my paper work.

Most pieces are speed-paints done while my students are doing lab work and not asking me any questions.

Anyway, here they are…

Comments are encouraged


First Set


Second Set


Third Set

Additional text


Fourth Set

Additional Text


Fifth Set

Additional Text


Your anatomy sketches looks pretty good and your concepts are pretty promising. It’ll be nice to see some of the unfinished pieces taken further.


Sup Clifmiester! Guess who it is? It Spenser!…nice work dude…like the figure sketches and the anatomy ones…y dont u teach us some anatomy? or me? it would be nice to see some finished paintings =]…well its late and nice seeing you at wal-mart today! hope you enjoyed Wall-E


I was playing around and drew a butt…I like what happened so here it is…


Hrm, kind of an odd choice for the texture overlay. It helps make the skin look dry. The white on the butt cheeks might be a bit too much, though I can’t decide if it’s value wise or the diameter of the spread. Either way, try having some of that highlight on the lower back and thigh.

Edit: Careful with dodge and burn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here are some more rough figure speedpaints. They have been sitting on my HD for a while so I thought they needed a home.

[left]BTW: I didn’t use Dodge/Burn on the rear, I used a HardLight Blend, but if it looks like I used D/B then I suppose I need to alter the method a bit…


Overall I really like these sketches/paintings… it gives me a sense of transformation, and conflict…I agree that the color should be lighted an draw up to the place of interest… for these to be quick sketches, especially durning a class when your mostly spending time to help others than to complete your own products… Not able to wait to see the full features completed on each of these sketches… mata ne…


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