Kylo Ren : Star Wars 3D FanArt, helenashin (3d)


Title: Kylo Ren : Star Wars 3D FanArt

Name: helenashin

Hi there, here is my latest 3D work.
I hope you like it !!! Thank you!!!
Artstation :
[Used Tool]
Render : Arnold (Maya)
Modeling,Retopology,Rig : Maya
Texturing XYZ : Mari
Sculpt : Zbrush
Hair guide : Fiber Mesh (Zbrush)
Hair : Xgen
Texture : Mari,Photoshop
Final edit : Photoshop


This is fantastic work!


Absolutely incredible!


wow! great work!


Thank you soooo much Christine Abrego !!! have a happy week !!! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much leonardo borazio !!! have a happy happy week !!! :slight_smile:


Thank you soooo much Michael McAdams !!! have a nice week !!! :slight_smile:


The skin shader is far too glossy and missing the SSS feel. But the sculpt is phenomenally well done!