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Purchased Kurv Studio’s Get Into Silo. Went through the long interface introduction. Finally arriving at the actual modeling tutorial. He shows how he goes about modeling using front and side images that are properly scaled and cropped. Great, I say, now I go about trying to do it myself. This is why I bought the training CD in the first place. Hey, guess what? The images are missing! Yeah, that’s right, you can watch the training but they don’t supply you with the images to follow along.

What a rip off!

If you were planning on buying training material from Kurv Studios you better save your money. Oh, and don’t think that your going to get any answer to your e-mails either. They got your money and that’s that…sucker!

Here is a link to their own forum. Notice the dates and also notice there hasn’t been any reply to them from Kurv. Its “buyer beware” at Kurv Studios…



they honestly dont deserve you as a customer, you need patience to become a 3d modeller and you havent got enough to a little search on the forums to get the images and because fo this you shoudnt buy from Kurv?

When you think about it Kurv is a training solution not a supplier of concept images, so really they have to give you anything but the training material, BUT the images are on the other forum you were ranting at.



@InfoCentral - Ok, maybe is stupid because they don’t give reference images, but you can’t say it’s bad tutorial and can’t say “don’t buy there” because it’s very stupid reason, training from kurv studios are really great, especially get into silo.

Send them mail ask them for that images and they will probably send them to you.


its been sorted out.

InfoCentral knows the tutorials are great, and just overreacted a little. He has the images now, lets hope this doesnt happen again.



It has yet to be sorted out. This thead shouldn’t even be here. Its because a company made a decision to distribute training software for profit and not include the necessary material to accomplish the task. You don’t think this fustrates learners? You buy training software and it should contain all the training material. Period. But it doesn’t.

When you go to the store and buy something in a box. You expect that the complete contents are supplied within the purchased box. You don’t want to be told “ok just go to this place and find that part” or “go over to here and get this part.” “Hey, you got the parts now you should be happy. Why are you complaining? See eveything is OK now.” No, everything is no OK and why are the complete contents not supplied in the box? I am not very happy having to search the internet trying to find the required materials that are missing. This isn’t a research project, its a modeling project for pete’s sake! Why are you selling this product if you know that it is missing some contents? Why would you do this?

Its like buying a parachute and then leaving out the rip cord. Or buying an assemble it yourself furnature but all the screws are missing.

The funning part is that Kurv responded on another forum and said they would look into it ASAP. Now does anyone believe for one moment that Kurv is unaware? They have months of unanswered messages on this topic on thier own boards. There are threads on the Silo boards. But no one has made Kurv aware? Please…

I paid my money for this product as well as others and this really does need to be sorted out. Kurv needs to stop distributing training software that isn’t complete and compensate those who have had to endure the fustration of purchasing a product that doesn’t live up to its intended purpose…training the end user. Is it resolved? Go ask Kurv if they are still selling training packages that are incomplete? Where are the images? Why are they not included within the box or at least on their website?


I’ve watched many tutorials from many sources…and found that simply mimicking the teacher doesn’t teach much beyond the ability to parrot what the teacher did…sort of like the person who wants tutorials on building a particular model helicopter etc…when what they really need is a tutorial on modelling techniques that they can apply to their own version of that helicopter

my $.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002 worth



Don’t get me worng. My fight is not with the content contained; it is really good. My fight is with the content missing. How anyone can sell a training video centered on image based modeling and then omit the images is beyond me. Pissed? You bet I am!

From the cover: “Follow along with Glen modeling the cover image.” Now if I could follow along with Glen modeling the cover image using image based modeling and I don’t have the images then I think I could also hear the sound of one hand clapping.


I just finished doing a character modeling DVD for Kurv Studios myself using SILO. It may be available by Tuesday actually.

In the DVD I am creating a character based off a sketch that a friend of mine did. I dont provide the image of the character on my DVD either. The point, (at least on MY dvd) is to learn Silo and watch my techniques. Not to re-create the exact same character. The point is to watch, listen and learn someone elses techniques then apply that knowledge to your own art.

I have never actually watched Glen’s DVD but I am familiar with his work. I am sure you gained alot out of the DVD in the end. Hopefully Kurv gets the images to you if they were in fact misleading the content.

Josh Robinson


Sweet, I’m looking forward to that one Josh! :slight_smile:


Thanks, Josh. I too am looking forward to your DVD. :thumbsup: I’m always looking for new methods and techniques.

However, as much as I understand your point and intention in watch-listen-learn there are those (such as myself) who learn more by doing hands-on training. I’ve used several of Kurv Studios’ tutorials (Silo and Lightwave) and I’ve always benefited more from working along with the instructor rather than just watching. It’s easier for me to wrap myself around various ideas, techniques, and tools if I’m actually using them rather than watching and then applying what I’ve watched later. I may not come across a need for a specific set of tools or techniques right away, and in which case the information may not stick. If I follow along the information will me more easily ingrained, and I’ll have it ready for when I find a situation in which I feel I need it down the line.


The last tutorials I bought from curve studios were so bad production wise that I had to wonder if anyone even bothered to do any QC before they were dumped on DVD. The entire DVD was extremely quite except one part which was very, very LOUD! I was wearing headphones while listening to this and I think this could have done some damage to my hearing. This company is definitely bottom of the bucket as far as quality goes. Since moving to XSI I’ve found out how good tutorials dvds can be, not just in quality, but content and at the same price point. So, I would have to say I don’t think they deserve me as a customer either.


Using SILO 2?


Doubtful considering Silo 2 isn’t out of beta yet.


Which dvd was this? I have Glen’s second Silo dvd and the quality is fine, not too soft not too loud. I think the first batch had some sound issues and they were resolved and Kurv replaced any bad dvd…bottom of the bucket hardly.


I think it’s not matter is it “too loud” or… It’s matter how they explain everything on that dvd and final model (topology etc…)


I totally didnt like the second Glen Southern Silo training DVD.

  • : Glen’s skills
  • : his weird accent, and his way of "tsk"ing, like when saying words such as “bulk”.
  • : his narration in general
  • : if you go to a trouble of drawing a reference image - FOLLOW IT !!! And Glen starts to ignore the image totally in third video. That was fast…
  • : The giant “Kurv Studios” logo hangs around.
  • : The framerate is very low. I am comparing to Gnomon DVDs, DT DVDs, and even 3D Buzz videos.
  • : BAD marketing move, calling the DVD “Head modeling” invites people, and then they find out its a TROLL head. That was not what comes to mind when you think of “Head modeling”.
    Of course, i checked the cover and content before i saw the actual videos, but i learned the name of the DVD much earlier, and was kinda looking to it, and was disappointed at what it really was about.


What’s weird about Glens’ accent? He is English, and has an English accent.

The reference is not a set in stone schematic. It’s a rough guideline. Ideas evolve during the modelling process.

What’s wrong with trolls?



I love to listen Glens DVDs. For me ist’s not only learning modelling, it’s learning english too.
By the way, the troll head is on the cover and in the description of this DVD you can read:

In this video Glen uses several different styles of modeling to create a Trolls head including box-modeling the basic skull shape, creating patches of polygons by extruding edges and putting the whole model together using background reference.

Have a nice day.


What a sorry way to learn English…


I’m not sure if I should laugh or crack my head off the wall.