Kung Fu Master, dom clubb (3D)


Title: Kung Fu Master
Name: dom clubb
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, Mudbox, Photoshop

This is my version of the classic kung fu master character so often seen in kung fu movies and other media. My main references were the master from kill bill and Gen from Street Fighter. My version of the character is a little crazier from decades of isolation and being kicked in the head :slight_smile:
For the base mesh I used 3ds max. The hi res mesh was sculpted in Mudbox. I then baked the ambient occlusion, cavity map etc in xNormal and 3ds max and painted the textures in Photoshop. I rendered in Mudbox and then composited in Photoshop.


Looking awesome… I like this cartoonish / old appearence… Could you post the wireframe from 3dmax if possible?
5 stars :applause: ! congratz


cool work , very amusing , keep up it up :wink:


awesome, I love it


Is that a CG award I’m smelling ?


thanks guys, here is the original sketch and notepad doodles…

 and a wireframe/detail breakdown...
 final head sculpt sans clothing
you can also see a video turntable [u][here](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYStZkhAkgo)[/u] or see it on my [u][blog](http://domclubb.blogspot.com/)[/u]


Great work, love the satirical-ness of the character. I thought only the women used the pins to tie their hair down.

The skin to the right of the dead eye looks a bit weird though IMO.


very nice style!


Thats the awesome styles!! :smiley:

  • Ty


I like the colour tone and the facial expression!
Excellent work! :cool:


Love it, keep it up…


Great Work! But he looks more like a Japanese anime character than like movie character. :slight_smile:


Cool, nice style!


Wow, great model, love the concepts too, Congratulations


this looks really cool,
keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Love the style…the surfacing is brilliant!


Awesome man! that photoframe adds a lot to the whole! :thumbsup:


That’s really cool man, it came out great, awesome concept too. How long did it all take, including concept drawings/painting?


Very nice work dude!
I like it so much !:slight_smile:
Keep it on !


nice character,Really like the sculpt