Kung Fu Dunk Theme - Animation Update


Hi guys,

I just posted the latest update of my animation project . I would really appreciate all feed backs, comments, and critiques you have as they will have a huge impact on the end result.
If you see a flaw, point it out. If you think things could be better, tell me.

I know you’re busy, which is why I would really value your feedback.

Blog: http://kungfuanimationproject.blogspot.com/

Hope you like Ninjas :slight_smile:
Many thanks !


Thats a really cute design.


Thanks YashaP,

I just saw your portfolio and you have good animation skills. Let me know if you have any critiques to my animation. :slight_smile:



Hi Hassan!
I think you can get away with most of your animation in the first part and just say its the style you are going for. Having said that I think you should get rid of the part where he is waving his extremely bent arm above his head as it looks strange and very off model/broken.
When the ninja guy kicks the “bad guy” how does he recover from the kick??? it seems like there is an invisible string that pulls him back to normal standing position, so maybe you should have him stumble forward to regain his balance.
When both the bad guy turns around and the ninja follows him your body mechanics are not working as it just seems the legs are doing one thing and then the body moves in a different direction.
I really like that anticipation before the kick, it gives the viewer time to realise what is about to happen.
How did you do the facial expressions???

Hope that helps.


p.s if you put up a quickTime file of the animation I would be able to go frame by frame through it and give you a better critique.



Thank you so much for the critiques. This will definitely come in handy. I’m gonna be traveling tomorrow so I have lots of packing to do. I’ll send you the quicktime files when I have time.

Thanks again.


It’s really cool and I like the characters a lot. One thing that stuck out to me was the super stretchy thin arm right after the back spin. Not sure what he’s suppose to be doing there, but it looks really unappealing to me. Way off model. If he’s suppose to be swinging his arm/fist in a circle, you could still do it with normal sized arm no? Maybe have some more body motion in there to help sell it. (Looks like YashaP commented on the same thing) Otherwise, seems like a pretty fun piece of animation with music.


Thanks Brettzies, I am taking your critiques into account. :slight_smile: Frankly I’ve heard more compliments than critiques. Finally have some useful information thanks to you and YashaP


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