Kuegelchen , First Shortie, Hamstar Animations (Animation)


Title: Kuegelchen , First Shortie
Name: Hamstar Animations
Country: German
Software: Cinema 4d 8.5 And Motionbuilder

Experience HamStar Animations´ first little adventure of Flip, Sepp, Oli and Fred!
In a sparetime project that took only four months from the initial idea to the final cut Jens Jung (JeyJey), Tino Standke, Georg Niedermeier (sad) and Konja Schneider (Kicks) created this little animation using Maxons Cinema4D 8.5 and Kaydara Motionbuilder 5.5.

Learn more about HamStar Animations and its four varmints at



I’m don’t understand dutch, but looks Funny. Theres only one detail in animation that I think you could improve, the movement of the hands … its looking very hard …


Don’t know why u aint got more posts - thats CGTALK for ya. LOL. I really like these characters, with just a little more attention to textures and fur, these could be great! Love the head styles! Good Job.


Try again…it’s German :scream: :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice animation. What approach did you take to create the fur?


Never mind. Saw that it was shave and a haircut 2.5 in the making of section. :thumbsup:


wow! how Lovely is it,great work!


Wow is that boring if you don’t speak german… a lot of talking gophers or whatever.

Why are there crickets chirping in daytime?

LOL- that sounds non-sequetor, but I mean in the film.

Cute design to the gophers… or whatever. :hmm:


fur was made with shave.
the words mean: question>have you seen my globule? answer>no. end>well, then…


Well, the animation looks pretty good. Just wish I knew the language cause its pretty boring not being able to follow the dialog. Really liked the opeing following the bumblebee across the road.


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