[KuaFu Renderer] v1.1.0



Added support for 3ds Max 2019.
Added support to open texture files by double-clicking in the layer list of KuaFu Object Modifier etc.
Added support to control the count of light samples.
Added support for Render Elements.
Added support for separating lighting contributions into different render elements.
Added support for exporting render results from 3ds Max to Photoshop without saving any temporary file.
Added KuaFu Light Lister to control all of the lights in the scene.
Fixed a bug of ray-tracing.
Fixed a bug of memory management.
Updated documents.


Since this version, the count of light samples is controllable, it can improve sampling quality in most cases.


Since this version, KuaFu can separate lighting contributions into different render elements for post-processing.


Since this version, KuaFu can export render results from 3ds Max to Photoshop without saving any temporary file. It is as simple as Copy & Paste.
All of the render elements will be imported in Photoshop as layers.



I´ve tried to use Kuafu but couldn´t.
Just put some boxes in the scene and hit render and it freezes.

I have an Ryzen 1800x with 32gb (dell Inspiron 5675).

Even the materials didnt made the preview.

I don´t know what did it.

Any toughts?


hi, ronaldjung

first, KuaFu didn’t support the default materials, you should assign a KuaFu Material to these boxes, and don’t forget to assign a surface shader in it (you could try the KuaFu Lambert). I plan to provide a template material library in the future to facilitate these steps.

second, there should be at least one light in the scene, the photometric lights are recommended.

third, the previews in the material editor are not supported yet, since KuaFu managed the texture files in a special way. so far i have no idea how to improve it.

fourth, there are two ways to control the render quality, one is to set a wait time, another one is to set the count of samples, you could find more details in the doc: https://kuafurenderer.wordpress.com/main/documents/render-setup-parameters/

by default, the wait time is 1 min, so, you have seen a blank render window while the render is lasting, it seems frozen (you can terminate the render at any time by pressing the Cancel/Stop button).

BTW, the latest version of KuaFu is v1.1.1 http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=6&t=1503908

thanks for trying KuaFu :slight_smile: