Krita 4.1 released: new reference images tool and improved animation timeline


Krita 4.1 released today.

The animation timeline received a good upgrade, and is now much friendlier to work with. The new reference images tool is very nice too, as is the option to save and load work sessions.

This release includes the following major new features:

A new reference images tool that replaces the old reference images docker.

You can now save and load sessions: the set of images and views on images you were working on

You can create multi-monitor workspace layouts

An improved workflow for working with animation frames

An improved animation timeline display

Krita can now handle larger animation by buffering rendered frames to disk

The color picker now has a mixing option

Improved vanishing point assistant — and assistants can be painted with custom colors

Krita’s scripting module can now be built with Python 2

The first part of Ivan Yossi’s Google Summer of Code work on improving the performance of brush masks through vectorization is included as well!

And there are a host of bug fixes, of course, and improvements to the rendering performance and more features. Read the full release notes to discover what’s new in Krita 4.1!

Get it here:


Very nice painting program I just discovered !!! :slight_smile: