avec plaisir :wink:

cannot download this version - please check the link


That’s funny.Great job!
Expect your new job.
Good wishes!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


one of the better animation films i have seen this year. heck, its one of the best films!! excellent storytelling and characters.

i thought it could be just a bit faster, but then i am known to ruin films.
great job!


That’s the style which I always look for ~!!! Really Cool ,Lovely,beautiful,Seems they have life ~!!!
I Really Love it ~!


Cute :slight_smile:
Great job matey!


This is a great


I really loved this short. The style is really weird, but just great. His smile is also perfect I think


very well done…the girls must go wild for this one

keep up the good work


Nicely done! Wonderful depiction of life’s transition from infancy to maturity told in a short. Good ideas there! Keep it up.


thank you for all your comments!

For this film, the music was created after the animation .
From now on I really would like to make some musical clip.
I really like Air,Ben Harper, Zero 7, massive attack, thomas newman, Radiohead…
If you know some musical artist it could interest me.

-Yannik Puig-


Very nice viewpoint! great job!


Absolutely beautiful - and funny!


exellent!!! great skill, i love concept and execution, nice animation


you did it very cool :slight_smile:


it’s funny, Crapooyo, it looks like a word I often used a melt between “crado” (means dirty in slang french ) and “pouilleux” (also means dirty, or cankered i think)… sounds like a baby word!

I like this word a lot, as the film… It suits it well!


I forgot to comment on this animation when you first posted it, but yesterday i was kinda organizing my hard drive and stumbled upon it. It immediately was stashed along with other favorite animations in the folder. You managed to get such beautiful and fluid story and editing and the character animation itself and main characted face expressions just rock. Did you storyboard thid beforehand or did any previz work to get it all fit together?


Wow, much to love in this short.
a funny and cute character, lovely story and of course a great animation.
i watched it several times because it made me just “feel good”


I love the look! Its weird, damn weird! Great stuff


Total awsome, love the style very cool !!! :buttrock:


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