Ok, Hristo (for scattered mesh) and Jeff (for real displace matte)…you solved my problem, thanks again.
Now I’m starting with other issues like krakatoa flickering…but this is another story :slight_smile:



I can’t get to work Magma shortcuts. I tried on/off max shortcuts override toggle, nothing.Whenever I have an already existing shortcut in max Magma is ignoring own shortcuts.

What do I do to make Magma use shortcuts and ignore max shortcuts?



I cannot find a node that does the per-point random calc. So I guess this has to be done manually. How can I do that? Input script (random -value +value) gives one same value for all points.


Ok found that there is an input channel called RandomValue. Somehow it does not work, errors out. It looks like its actually looking for an actual channel called RandomValue. So I have to recache anyways… ;(


See my answer in your duplicate post one forum higher.